Warning: You Will Succeed in 2019...

I dusted off the old crystal ball this morning.

And, to no surprise…

I saw great success in your near future — a true “coming together” of your life’s work.

(I wasn’t too shocked. After all, if you’re a regular reader of our daily missives, clearly you’re going places ;). Especially if you’ve already begun your 2019 side-hustle journey.)

But be warned…

Don’t define yourself by these great leaps ahead.

Stay humble.

Lest you forget about all of the seemingly mediocre moments when you were lazy… unfocused… left too early… didn’t speak up when you should’ve… picked the wrong person… shook the wrong hand… all of it.

It’s easy to forget. Those mediocre moments were essential.

They clarified your vision. They gave you pause. They granted you insight.

We tend to have a lopsided view of highly successful people — putting them on a pedestal, as if they’ve transcended the mediocre realm of the “plebs.”

But the truth behind the curtain: Success is made up of these “mediocre” moments just as much as it is of brilliance…

It’s made up of persistence far more than perfection.

When I forget this, I become Icarus, flying too close to the sun, burning out, plunging back to Earth…

I create a little tyrant within… & he demands I sacrifice my health, relationships, and life to do 7 impossible things before breakfast.

That’s why, today, we present to you, a la James Altucher, the 7 habits of highly effective mediocre people.

Successful people won’t tell you this…

But success is pretty mediocre, too.

Keep going. The future is bright (and mediocre).

Read on.

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By James Altucher

Are there successful people who are known for being really lazy?


Because I religiously follow this:

1.) Procrastination

Procrastination is your body telling you you need to back off a bit and think more about what you are doing. Examine procrastination from every side. It’s trying to tell you something. LISTEN TO IT.

2.) Failure

Learn how to overcome a particular failure, and not repeat the same mistakes. Keep failing until you accidentally no longer fail. THAT’S PERSISTENCE.
3.) Poor Networking

Many people network too much. Entrepreneurship is hard enough. Work your 20 hours then RELAX WHEN YOU CAN.

4.) Zero-tasking

You should strive for excellence in zero-tasking. Do nothing. Sometimes it’s better to just be quiet, to not think of anything at all. OUT OF SILENCE COMES THE GREATEST CREATIVITY.

5.) Not Original 

Take two older ideas that have nothing to do with each other, make them have sex, and then BUILD A BUSINESS AROUND THE BASTARD UGLY CHILD THAT RESULTS.
6.) Do Anything To Get A “Yes”

One out of 100 will say “yes”. You get the occasional loss leader, but ULTIMATELY THE BIG FISH GETS REELED IN.

7.) Poor Judgement of People

The mediocre entrepreneur is at higher risk of bringing the wrong people into their circle. SPEND A LOT MORE TIME getting to know the people who you want to bring closer.

7 Habits chart

Chris Campbell

Written By Chris Campbell

Chris Campbell is the Managing editor of Laissez Faire Today. Before joining Agora Financial, he was a researcher and contributor to SilverDoctors.com.