Time to Throw Out All Your "Financial Catastrophe" Books

LFTSince 1971,” our own Peter Coyne writes, “learned men in the minority, newsletter editors, fringe pundits, goldbugs and gadflies have predicted the end of the dollar standard.

“Despite them all, here we are.”

Peter Coyne, if you don’t know, is the managing editor of The Daily Reckoning and Rickards’ Strategic Intelligence…

He sits on the other side of our writing room. Most of the time, he’s there, in his seat, with his head down, busily working on the next project… or issue… or special report.

Over the past few months, though, Peter has been missing.

First I heard he was in North Carolina. Then I heard he was in Cuba. Rumors started to fly around the office about what he was up to. Some believable. Some too strange.

These rumors persisted until, recently, Peter emerged. And with a book in his hands. One I’d never seen before.

He handed us this book. And then he told us the truth of where he’d been.

Truth is, he’d been holed up helping Jim Rickards with the book we now hold. In fact, he just recently finished writing the foreword to it.

What is this book? It’s called The Big Drop: How to Grow Your Wealth During the Coming Collapse.

LFT“Countless books have been published forecasting financial calamity,” says Peter.

“Seven years after the 2008 crisis, ‘The Big Drop: How to Grow Your Wealth During the Coming Collapse’ could strike you as a trite title for a worn out topic.

“What rescues this tome are the experiences, connections and scientific know-how of the writer.

“Many have watched their net worth evaporate before their eyes. Fewer have recovered only to experience it again. Still fewer have had the stamina to learn why it happened and regain everything they had lost despite the odds.

“But only a few of those people, if any, have also had the desire and wherewithal to help thousands of others avoid the same fate.

“Jim Rickards is one of those men.”

LFTThrow all those “the crash is coming” books out. Forget about them. Seriously. Take a load off this spring cleaning…

Today, you’ll learn why there’s only ONE book you’ll need this year.

And you have great timing.

For a limited time, Rickards and Peter are giving this book out for free.

I’ll tell you why they’re giving this book away in a moment. (Hint: it has to do with self-fulfilling prophecies.)

About 1,000 of your fellow LFT readers already reserved their free copies. (If you already have The Big Drop tell the LFT community what you think so far: Chris@lfb.org.)

I’ll show you how to get this book for free too in a moment (all you have to pay is S&H).

I read the entire book this weekend.

I’ll share with you all of my notes. That way, you can get a quick overview of the book to see for yourself if it’s worth your time.

First, here are two reasons Jim is giving away this book for FREE — and why it’s the only “financial disaster” book you’ll need this year.

LFTREASONONE:Using the power of self-negating prophecies…

“Say you’re hired as a truck driver from New York to Baltimore,” says Peter, “but you believe you are going to be the worst courier of all time.

“As a consequence, you’re distracted and take 95 North to Maine.”

Or worse, this happens.

“By thinking you’d be the worst truck driver, you became it. Your prophecy became true because of itself.”

As you know, that’s what’s called a “self-fulfilling prophecy.”

“But,” Peter asks, “have you heard about the opposite phenomenon?

It’s called the “self-negating prophecy.”

Jim Rickards brought it up to us recently. He learned it from the late Robert K. Merton, the man who coined the term. Merton passed away in 2003 following a highly respected career as a sociology professor at Columbia University.

“A self-negating prophecy,” Rickards explains, “is when you make a prediction about the future, and by providing a warning, people act in helpful ways to make the bad thing not come true.

“That’s what I was trying to do by warning about potential bad things and perhaps getting some positive behavior or positive policy outcomes today, that would actually prevent the bad things from happening.”

That’s one reason why he’s decided to pass out this particular book for FREE. That way, he can reach the maximum number of readers in a short amount of time.

“By sounding a warning — that the ‘Big Drop’ is right under our nose — based on troubling trends that are in play today — it helps people do things that collectively will help move us in the right direction.”

LFTREASONTWO:“I want to help everyday Americans,” Jim says.

“There are people in positions of real power who see what I see, but won’t be honest with people about it. They’re perfectly prepared for other people to lose all their money.

As far as Jim can tell, “the big drop” is coming. The direction we’re headed in isn’t a pretty one.

Also, frankly, the monetary system is due for a good collapse.

It seems to collapse about every thirty or forty years, Jim pointed out, “and it’s been about forty years since the last one.

“That doesn’t mean the system is going to collapse tomorrow morning like clockwork. It does suggest, however, that the useful life of the international monetary system, if you will, is about thirty or forty years.

“We’re at the end of that period so we shouldn’t be surprised if it collapses again.”

OK. I’ll show you what you need to know before the big drop hits.

LFTOK. That brings us to what you need to know before “the big drop.”

While the Fed keeps throwing money out the window…

(Here’s Janet Yellen as a young’n, training for her career in high-finance)

Kid throwing money GIF

And Wall Street gets more reckless with your hard-earned money…

Wolf of Wall Street GIF

Don’t be a dummy and get blindsided by the big drop.

Crash test dummy GIF

Instead, join your fellow LFT readers and become a part of the solution.

If you haven’t already…

Click here to put your name in the book queue and claim your FREE copy.

Hurry. These books are flying off the shelves.

When you reserve your book, we’ll put you on the list to receive one hot-off-the-presses hard copy. And you’ll also receive an instantly-downloadable copy to review in the meantime.

LFTOnce you have your instant copy, come back and check out my notes…

Simply peruse through the bullets below. Once you find something of interest, flip to the corresponding page.

This is only a small part of what you’ll find. But I think it’s a great way to start…

  • The Inner-Workings of the Elite: Finally… understand “how power elites such as central bankers, finance ministers and the ultra-rich work behind the scenes to advance their agendas” (SEE PAGE SIX)
  • Here it Comes: The globe’s most connected financial insiders recently signaled the market’s inevitable catastrophic downturn. Many of them are taking steps to prepare for the worst. Fortunately, there’s still time for you, too. (SEE PAGE EIGHT)
  • The Secret Language of the “1%”: The power elite are sending secret “smoke signals” to one another through TV, radio, the web, in newspapers and other publications. Right under your nose is the “code.” See what they’re saying. (SEE PAGE 11)
  • All about the “New Depression”: Why it will continue indefinitely until you see ONE specific event in the headlines. “If you don’t grasp this once-in-a-lifetime dynamic you are at risk of seeing all of your wealth wiped out.”(SEE PAGE 12)
  • The REAL Reason Economic Growth is Weak: and the difference between a recession and a depression. Also, why the Fed has no power to end this depression.(SEE PAGE 15)
  • “Too Big to Fail” is even BIGGER: Policymakers are blindly creating more risk in the markets. And, in turn, it’s becoming easier for the government to steal your wealth. Here’s why… (SEE PAGE 17)
  • Money Market Lockdown: Think your money market fund is safe? Check out this new rule that allows the FCC to freeze money market funds without warning. (SEE PAGE 18)
  • The Currency of the New World Order: The world super-money that “will also be used to diminish the role of the dollar.” And why the U.S. is playing right into the hands of its rivals. (SEE PAGE 23)
  • Inflation or Deflation, Which is it? Jim gives you the lowdown on which will strike first and how you can prepare for both in a few simple steps. (SEE PAGE 27)
  • The Great Money Illusion: “Money illusion is a trick, but it is not one performed on stage. It is a ruse performed by central banks that can distort the economy and destroy your wealth.” Learn how to break the spell: (SEE PAGE 38)
  • The Cantillon Effect: Why wealthy investors like Warren Buffet are buying hard assets like railroads, oil and natural gas and holding cash. And the mistake regular Americans are making that could wipe them out. (SEE PAGE 42)
  • It’s Not Just Money-Printing that Causes Inflation: “Think of the money supply as a big pile of dry wood or maybe a big drum of gasoline.” Something else is holding the match. Learn this and you’ll truly understand how hyperinflation starts.(SEE PAGE 50)
  • Meet the “Inflation King”: What the wealthiest man in 1920s Germany can teach you about thriving in hyperinflation. (SEE PAGE 57)
  • A Central Banker’s Worst Nightmare: What’s good for government is often bad for its people. Nowhere is this more true than when it comes to money. (SEE PAGE 63)
  • The Three Distinct Features of a Bubble: Remember these three simple bubble-markers and never be the last guy out again. (SEE PAGE 71)
  • 3 Headwinds For a Perfect Storm: Currency wars, energy production, and global growth are swirling around one another. Here’s what’ll happen when they converge. (SEE PAGE 76)
  • Inside the CIA’s Most Sophisticated Methods: One of the most powerful tools inside the CIA is a mind-blowing way to predict stock movements. Anyone with a brain can do it. (SEE PAGE 79)
  • This Psychological Bias is Blinding You: Behavioral psychologists know it as “recency bias.” Learn how it’s making you a terrible investor. (SEE PAGE 84)
  • The Harrowing Secret Behind the Current Oil Prices: “When you look beneath the surface, you’ll see some things that are not so good for your portfolio.” Two specific ways to protect yourself. (SEE PAGE 91)
  • One Islamic Country Nobody is Talking About: And how it could have the potential to change the game for ISIS in a very big (and very bad) way. (SEE PAGE 97)
  • Who REALLY Owns the Fed? Understanding the Federal Reserve is key to understanding the future of the economy. “And your success or failure as an investor,” says Jim, “will depend on that understanding.” (SEE PAGES 99 & 100)
  • The BIGGEST Surprise in 2015: Rickards reveals the biggest market surprise in 2015. And it has everything to do with your current investments. (SEE PAGE 112)
  • Go Ahead. Put a Dog in the Currency Wars: “When the currency wars are on,” says Jim, “all bets are off. Anything can happen. There are a lot of ways for investors to win.” (SEE PAGE 119)
  • Russia, Ukraine, and the Future of Sanctions: Here’s what Jim learned last Feb. in a private meeting with top national security, defense and intelligence professionals. This meeting was all about the Russian invasion — and the ensuing financial war.(SEE PAGE 127)
  • Jan. 15, 2015, the “Financial Pearl Harbor”: The most dramatic battle in the currency wars already happened this year. Here’s what it means for you. (SEE PAGE 134)
  • A Win-Win for Gold Bugs: The bull market in the gold market has barely begun. Understand why and see the win-win situation for gold bugs behind the scenes.(SEE PAGE 138)
  • Gold Manipulation is Real: “I tell people,” Jim says, “if I were running the manipulation, I’d be embarrassed because it’s so obvious at this point.” See how it’s really happening. (SEE PAGE 148)
  • The Financial Model of the Future is Here: After a 10-year odyssey, Rickards discovered the best way to understand and manage risk and to foresee market collapses.(SEE PAGE 165)
  • SIX Flaws in the Fed’s Thinking: The Fed will fail at its objectives because of these six reasons. Here’s how to make sure you don’t fall for the same fallacies.(SEE PAGE 173)
  • The “Kumbaya Solution”: When central banks behave badly, nobody can get along. So what happens when central banks go wild?(SEE PAGE 184)
  • The Foolproof “Barbell Strategy”: Don’t react or overreact to the market’s movements. “You’ll just end up getting whipped around.” Play it cool and do this instead:(SEE PAGE 191)
  • The Best Way to Move Wealth Without Detection, REVEALED: Enemies of the United States are using cyber techniques and the oldest wealth transfer techniques to bypass security. But can you do it too? (SEE PAGE 200)
  • The Best Way to Invest in Precious Metals, With Less Volatility: Invest in four primary precious metals at once, all physical, safely tucked away in Delaware. (SEE PAGE 210)
  • USSOCOM and Cryptocurrencies: What Rickards has learned about Bitcoin. And what it could mean for the future of the private payments systems. (SEE PAGE 225)
  • A New History of the Great Depression: The alternative history of what really happened in the 1930s. You’ve never heard it like this before: (SEE PAGE 234)

LFTAll of that you see above is a small part of what you’ll learn in “The Big Drop.”

Those are just the parts that stuck out to me.

You’re sure to uncover plenty more tidbits that will help you piece together the big picture of the financial markets.

Again, if you haven’t already claimed your copy, click here before they’re all scooped up.

LFTThat’s all we have for you today…

We’ll keep LFT short and sweet today. Since you obviously have some reading to do.

Don’t worry, The Big Drop is a quick and easy read.

And I guarantee you’ll learn more about the financial markets — and how to protect yourself from them — than any other book you’ll pick up this year.

If you’re already reading, tell the LFT family what you think: Chris@lfb.org.

I’ll talk to you tomorrow.

Stay safe. Stay informed.

Chris Campbell

Chris Campbell

Written By Chris Campbell

Chris Campbell is the Managing editor of Laissez Faire Today. Before joining Agora Financial, he was a researcher and contributor to SilverDoctors.com.