These Three Military Fitness Tips Guarantee You Will Get in Shape Super-Fast!

Are you finally sick and tired of staring at your bulging belly in the mirror every morning?

Have you been promising yourself that “someday” you’ll finally do something about your health and get in better shape?

Do you think that losing weight has to mean hours of grueling workouts and mountains of celery sticks for three meals a day?

Well, get ready to throw your excuses in the trash, because my “Battle-Ready Body” military fitness program takes the advanced tactics used to keep our country’s warriors in fit-to-fight shape and lays it out step by step for the average Joe and Jane.

In fact… here are three military fitness tips that will get you in shape — fast.

1. Bodyweight Works Best

You don’t need a gym to get a great body — in fact, bodyweight exercises (like squats, pushups, pullups, situps and others) target more muscle fibers than any other style of training — even using weights!

And since your body’s muscle is its “fat-burning engine,” more muscle fiber stimulation means you burn more body fat all day and all night.

2. Train as Early as Possible

In the military, troops exercise first thing in the morning — and for a good reason…

Your metabolism speeds up during the day and slows down at night before you go to bed.

By exercising earlier in the day, you give a “turbo boost” to your metabolism to melt away even more body fat throughout the day — with no extra effort on your part!

3. Never Give up Your “Guilty Foods”

This goes against what you may think, but the fact is most diet plans fail because they’re too restrictive.

Soldiers almost live on pizza and beer yet stay in amazing shape because they stay active and eat right for most of their real meals.

When you give up your favorite foods, you actually want them even more… until the desire is too great and you eat a bucket of ice cream and give up.

The secret is to know WHEN to eat these foods so they don’t sabotage your results.

For example, in the Battle-Ready Body program, I prescribe three workouts per week that are only about 30 minutes long but work your muscles in a way that’s short, intense and fun.

The result is that your body actually benefits from the small dose of sugar and protein that gets shotgunned straight to your muscles to quickly begin the repair process, building them up bigger and stronger, week after week.

Jeff Anderson

Written By Jeff Anderson

As a lifelong student of what he calls "survival arts", it was Jeff Anderson’s military training that led him to seek out strategies that would protect not only himself on the battlefield... but also provide for his family's own self-reliance in any sort of disaster, crisis or collapse. After 10 years of military training in elite infantry units around the world, Jeff began working as a security consultant and executive protection specialist for private clients and the entertainment industry. Specializing in military style hand-to-hand and weapons combat, Jeff offered classes and seminars based on practicality and battlefield effectiveness. In Jeff’s survival training, it was his service overseas and in combat missions, that he was able to get a first-hand glimpse of what a city gripped in collapse and without rule of law is like for its citizens. He uses his unique experience to inject a more realistic view of what to expect in survival scenarios and provide practical solutions — even in extreme environments — for true survivalists. Ultimately his training and experience led him to create the digital media channel for Modern Combat and Survival magazine which is fueled by more than 100 of the world’s top instructors in law enforcement, military and civilian survival schools.