The Starbucks of Weed

--Due to federal laws, as you may know, American cannabis companies have to operate primarily only with cash.

Federal prohibitions on pot have turned banks away from companies breaking federal drug laws.

This is, for many budding companies, the missing piece, keeping them from running full speed ahead.


Like a hand holding a tennis ball at the bottom of the pool, there will come a time when these archaic federal laws run out of breath… and this company, among a select few others, will skyrocket.

In a moment, we’ll set our crosshairs on one tiny pot company in particular…

What some experts are calling the “Starbucks of Weed,” is already, despite these laws, pulling in more cash per square foot than any retail store in America.

Even so, this company’s stock is still incredibly cheap. And there are two reasons to believe it’ll go from an obscure penny stock to a behemoth, possibly as soon as this year.

One reason…

Not having access to financial services, says pot maven Ray Blanco, creates an enormous amount of problems in an already tangled industry.

Getting access to the banking system will be a game-changer for all marijuana companies.

This week, the House Financial Services Committee will hear from legal cannabis companies.

The companies will speak about all the troubles they’ve gone through trying to run legit, above-board businesses due to federal laws.

Rumor has it, says Blanco, that this week’s hearings are a “precursor to a planned vote on an actual marijuana banking bill in the next couple of months.In turn, that could be the first step toward full-blown federal legalization.”

For that reason, Blanco goes on, “2019 could be a transformational year for marijuana laws in the U.S. — and that means that it could also be a transformational year for the gain potential of tiny pot stocks.”

But it gets even better.

Here’s the second reason this “Starbucks of Weed” could be the highest flyer…

The Next Big Pot Buyout

Back in Oct. 2017, Blanco recommended buying shares of Canopy Growth Corp. (NYSE: CGC)

In less than a year, his readers had the opportunity to pull in 400% gains when this company got Constellation Brands on board.

“The Constellation buy-in was a major catalyst that helped bring Canopy from an obscure penny pot stock to the $50 pot powerhouse that it is today.”

Now, he’s just spotted another no-brainer: “I’ve identified another tiny Canadian pot play that looks primed to do what Canopy did.

“You’ve likely never heard of this new marijuana company,” says Ray…

“But their stores are already pulling in MORE cash per square foot than those ‘fruit’ stores with the shiny new smartphones. More than the ones that sell diamonds in blue boxes or the ones that sell $200 yoga pants (combined).

“And nearly 10x as much as those big superstores where you buy all your electronics.

“Yet… somehow this stock is still floating around in total obscurity, with zero Wall Street coverage.”

But, soon, that could all change…

Because this little-known company’s got a trick up its sleeve.

Click here now to find out this new upstart’s shocking secret — and how you could invest before it’s too late.

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Chris Campbell

Chris Campbell
Managing editor, Laissez Faire Today

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Chris Campbell

Written By Chris Campbell

Chris Campbell is the Managing editor of Laissez Faire Today. Before joining Agora Financial, he was a researcher and contributor to