Telehealth: The “Second Wave” Solution?

You won’t hear about it in the mainstream media.

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With 2020’s relaxed restrictions on telehealth, you can do a few things you weren’t allowed to do prior to the pandemic.

And, as we’ll cover today, telehealth has one massive benefit for anyone worried about the “second wave” — easy and affordable prophylaxis (even, as you’ll see, without insurance).

Telehealth’s magnificent rise is one silver lining to 2020’s madness.

Among others, three main laws have been pulled off the table.

These are:

1. Suspension of originating site requirement. This means patients can receive telehealth services anywhere, including their homes, no matter where they live.

2. No HIPAA penalties for clinicians during the good-faith provision of telehealth. Normally, telehealth services would have to be delivered through a HIPAA-compliant platform, per federal law. Now, however, they can be delivered through the phone or regular video chat platforms — Skype, Zoom, Facetime, and more without fear of penalty. (State medical restrictions may still apply.)

3. Established patient requirement not enforced. In 2020, HHS will not be hounding doctors with random audits to confirm that telehealth patients have an established relationship with the doctor. Meaning? New patients seeking a consultation can be provided one via telehealth.

My Experience

To try it out, I personally used telehealth services (called “speakwithanmd”) and was prescribed a drug by my doctor for prophylaxis.

For a variety of “gray area” reasons, I’m not going to go into what this drug is…

But I will say that an internationally regarded Australian physician with 4 FDA approved drugs in the US market under his belt said of this drug: “This needs to be available for aged care facilities and frontline health workers today.”

Nonetheless, this article isn’t an endorsement for any particular drug in the fight against COVID-19… but to show you that you do have options.

If effective and safe, doctor-prescribed preventative drugs could be widely used to fend off the second wave.

And if they were… what justification would politicians have to keep the economy under draconian lockdown throughout the impending (and hypothetical) “second wave”?

Telehealth appears to be one clear and simple way forward.

And even better…

My call with the doctor took less than 10 minutes. My prescription was filled the same day and shipped to my doorstep.

Total cost?

Without insurance…

$60 for the consult… and $50 for the prescription.

Worried about the second wave?

You have options!

Until tomorrow,

Chris Campbell
Managing editor, Laissez Faire Today

Chris Campbell

Written By Chris Campbell

Chris Campbell is the Managing editor of Laissez Faire Today. Before joining Agora Financial, he was a researcher and contributor to