Self-Defense Options for All Ages

When you think of self-defense, what comes to mind?

Self-defense is very important in life. There are lot of people who think that self-defense is only for college students or single women who need to defend themselves from threatening situations.

Well, this is not actually true — everyone, including men, need to learn self-defense.

In the U.S., there are close to 1 million aggravated assaults every year, and a violent crime occurs about every 20 seconds.

Some folks interested in protecting themselves from the unpredictable have a concealed carry license and don’t go anywhere without a gun. A lot more people have guns in their homes, but never take them outside unless they’re headed to a shooting range.

But we all need to be able to protect ourselves when in public. You never know when someone around you might become violent and attack you, a loved one or a friend. Or an innocent bystander.

That’s why it’s good to know some self-defense tactics. And it’s a very good idea to make sure your children and grandchildren become skilled in self-defense as well.

Self-defense is more than knowing how to fight back again a physical attack.

Classes encourage you to think in terms of options and choices, develop your awareness and assertiveness skills and provide practice for physical self-defense techniques.

A good self-defense class will expand the way you think about violence prevention, help you deal with your fears and enable you to feel more empowered in your life.

Self-defense helps to prepare you for unexpected situations and also helps develop increased mental and physical health. By learning the basics, you can prepare yourself for dangerous and unforeseen circumstances.

Martial arts training is growing in popularity, especially as random acts of violence are on the rise. For kids, bullying can be a big problem, both physically and emotionally. Nobody wants to walk around scared all the time, and martial arts is a great way to gain confidence.

In fact, confidence is a top reason for taking self-defense classes, as well as:

  • To improve balance
  • Develop self-discipline
  • Improve physical conditioning
  • Improve situational awareness
  • Learn self-respect
  • Develop faster reflexes and focus
  • Help set goals.

Among the things you will learn in some self-defense classes are the pain points you can take advantage of if you’re attacked. These include:

  • Eye gouge, with your thumbs
  • Nose strike, with the palm of your hand
  • Ear strike, with the cup of your hand
  • Throat strike, with your open hand or fist
  • Groin strike, with your fist, knee or foot
  • Knee strike, with your foot
  • Shin kick, with your toes up.

While it’s important to learn self-defense skills regardless of your age, the best way to deal with a physical confrontation is to avoid it. Now, that’s not always possible, but nine times out of 10, it’s better to walk away from a potential fight than to provoke one.

Whenever possible…

  • Avoid high-crime areas
  • Avoid potentially dangerous people
  • Don’t escalate verbal disagreements
  • Wear clothing that allows you to move quickly
  • Don’t flaunt money or possessions.

For those who don’t want to carry a gun, or can’t for one reason or another, other defense weapons can be considered. Among them are pocket knives, tactical pens or flashlights, pepper spray or mace, and stun guns

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Written By 4Patriots