Rising Violence in America’s Cities

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This week’s must-read articles touch on a variety of topics including the rising death toll in Chicago, the possibility that flying cars will become a reality, everyday items you can use as weapons — and more.

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1. Officials React to One of Chicago’s Most Violent Weekends of 2018

While places like New York City and Los Angeles have seen a steady decrease in violent crimes in recent years, Chicago’s violence is on the rise. The growing death toll is a result of a number of interrelated issues.

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani feels all this bloodshed could be avoided by adopting the CompStat program. This initiative helps track crimes and their locations, thus aiding the police in narrowing down where to focus their resources.

Regardless of the why, one thing is for certain: The rising violence in Chicago is a problem.

2. Amputees Feel as Though Their Prosthetic Limb Belongs to Their Own Body

Imagine losing a limb in combat or a car accident — or simply being born without. For decades, the medical field has worked to advance the ever-growing arena of prosthetics to help balance out the challenges that come with that loss.

An arm or hand can help an amputee function with a bit more ease, but it still has no feeling, no direct connection to the brain, as a normal arm or hand would. Until now…

According to the latest from Science Daily, scientists have developed “a breakthrough approach that combines virtual reality and artificial tactile sensations.” In other words, this next generation of prosthetics is designed to feel like a part of a person’s body by “tricking” the brain.

3. 10+ Weapons You Didn’t Know You Have at Home

In that terrifying moment in the middle of the night when you hear a noise and your instincts kick in, what do you grab?

For some, it’s a gun or a knife. But what if you don’t have quick enough access to your primary defense weapon? What if you fell asleep on your couch and your gun is in your bedroom?

Often, people do not have enough time to prepare when an intruder comes bursting in. This article from Survivopedia provides some great examples of everyday items anyone can use to fight off an unwanted guest.

4. Banks and Retailers Are Tracking How You Type, Swipe and Tap

Technology is an ever-growing field. Most days, it seems like we can’t live without it. Other days, it seems to be the cause of so many problems.

One of the ways technology is being used nowadays is to track patterns on how customers touch, hold and tap their smart devices.

Some insist this type of “behavioral biometrics” is a good thing and will aid in situations such as fraud prevention. Others feel it is one more aspect of our privacy that is being challenged.

Take a look at the story above and decide for yourself.

5. This Could Be the Rolls-Royce of Flying Taxis

When the topic of flying cars is brought up in conversation, usually the first thing that comes to mind is the movie “Back to the Future.”

And for years now, people have been wondering, “Will it ever happen?”

As it turns out, it may be closer than we think… Uber has recently partnered with NASA and is well on its way to creating the first flying taxi.

Check it out.

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Jason Hanson

Jason Hanson

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