Totally Incorrect

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The publication of Totally Incorrect by Doug Casey is an event. It is the first book in 15 years by this giant of investment and libertarian commentary. No one has been as brave and bold in anticipating trends and thinking apart from the civic conventions as Casey. His ideas are so “dangerous” that he has been singled out by left-wing “watchdog” groups as a threat to society itself. Why, he doesn’t even believe in the Constitution!

You can agree or disagree with what he says. Doesn’t matter. What matters is that he shocks the brain out of its stupor and fires up new thoughts and new ways of looking at the world.

Totally Incorrect is better than a book of prose. It is a book of interviews, topic by topic. This way, the reader is able to catch him in the most candid way possible. He has a way of formulating things that is absolutely unforgettable. This entire book of 350 pages does exactly this on every important topic of our time.

In Doug’s book you’ll learn:

  • The best way to rob a bank..and you don’t need a gun;
  • Whether you should seek the quality over quantity of life;
  • What you can do with your money that is better than getting a $100,000 MBA;
  • What things are so critical that government should never be trusted with;
  • Whether it is evil or moral or avoid taxes;
  • Why pirates and smugglers are humanity’s benefactors;
  • Why war is great for governments but terrible for the rest of us;
  • Why the jails are filling up with good guys and the bad guys are running the country;
  • Why we were better off when fist fights would break out in Congress;
  • Why you should consider getting out of the country ASAP;
  • The best way to fight official corruption in government (hint: no officials, no corruption);
  • Why America has embraced the “deadly combination” of “Nordic efficiency and American neopuritanism.”

The book allows you to experience such thoughts in the context of a very civil conversation, so you can see how his mind works. It is brilliant, and it inspires brilliance. Someone like Casey comes along very rarely. He’s been called the only viable contender for Mencken’s legacy. Laissez Faire is extremely honored that he chose us as his publisher.

Author: Doug Casey