Gold: The Monetary Polaris

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Gold: The Monetary Polaris provides a complete answer to the question of how precisely a gold standard does work in modern economic life.

Nathan Lewis provides an incredibly detailed and absolutely marvelous overview of our historical experience with many different types of gold standards: classical, gold exchange, reserve currency, free banking, currency board, and much more. Each section has complete details on how that standard functions.

Then Lewis moves to a transition plan, not to a pure gold standard but to an adaptive one that focuses on the gold price as the basis for monetary policy. He makes a compelling case that a move to this type of gold standard could take place quickly without a great deal of distribution, if any at all.

This book is masterfully argued. The analytics are solid. The detail is mindboggling. It is truly comprehensive. With this book, it can be said that the case has been made.

Author: Nathan Lewis