Prep Like It’s Pompeii

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Hawaii can’t seem to catch a break. First floods, now fire…

This week’s batch of must-read articles kicks off with a story on why the latest volcanic eruption in Hawaii is making experts uneasy. More importantly, you’ll learn what you can do right now to be prepared for ANY kind of natural disaster.

You’ll also discover 15 rules for foraging, the top 10 foods to grow for survival and how to get your hands on a bottle of FREE military-approved gun oil.

Let’s get started.

1. Hawaii’s Newest Eruption Makes Volcanologists Nervous

Following an eruption from Kilauea volcano, nearly 2,000 people have been forced to evacuate on Hawaii’s Big Island. Some residents were allowed to return to their homes to rescue pets and pack a few belongings, but it isn’t safe to stay — and there’s no definitive end in sight.

Volcanologist Erik Klemetti suggests this evacuation could “last for a prolonged period of time.” He also warns that “if you get displaced by a lava flow, you may get displaced permanently.”

Now, you may not live in the shadow of a massive volcano, but if any kind of natural disaster threatened your home, would you be prepared to leave for an extended period — perhaps forever? It’s certainly something to think about. Especially with wildfire season in the west and hurricane season in the east approaching.

One critical step you can take right now is to gather all important documents — driver’s licenses, passports, medical records, insurance papers, etc. — and load them onto an encrypted flash drive. Make hard copies as well and put them in your bug-out bag. That way if you do have to leave and can’t return, you’ll have what you need to make a fresh start elsewhere.

2. FREE Military-Approved Gun Oil for American Patriots

This three-in-one gun oil cleans, lubricates and preserves your firearms WITHOUT using harsh chemical solvents that make your gun a sticky dust magnet.

Even better — this gun oil is approved by the most stringent military tests to ensure your gun will fire over long periods of time. Even if you’re faced with harmful elements like saltwater, sand and dirt, you’ll NEVER worry about a misfire.

Take your shooting to the next level with G96 Synthetic CLP Gun Oil. Click on the link above to try it FREE.

3. Best Foods to Grow for Survival

Growing your own food is a valuable skill. Not only will it benefit you in a survival situation but it will also provide your family fresh, delicious produce AND save you tons of money.

This article from Smart Prepper Gear runs down 10 of the best foods to grow for survival. It also addresses four important factors to remember when choosing what to plant.

Again, this is practical advice no matter what. Even if you and your family are never forced to survive on your domestic harvest, you can enjoy the fruits of your labor all year round.

4. 15 Rules for Foraging Safely

Learning the ins and outs of foraging could be a lifesaver. You can also turn it into a fun activity to get your kids or grandkids involved in gaining survival skills. However, there are some inherent dangers in eating strange plants — including, possibly, death.

But don’t let that scare you. There are actually some pretty simple rules that will keep you safe if you remember them. This post features the top 15 according to the Grow Network.

Click on the link above to discover what color berries to avoid ALWAYS, what type of plant is edible in ALL varieties and physical hazards to steer clear of when foraging.

5. The Baby Formula Crime Ring

After a major crisis, the values of certain items will skyrocket. Things like water, food and fuel are obvious, but what about less conventional items — like baby formula? Think about it: It’s a nonnegotiable necessity for people who need it. Plus, it’s portable, which makes it easy to trade.

This in-depth article from The Atlantic explores the moneymaking potential of selling baby formula — although not necessarily in a survival context. However, you can certainly apply this idea to a survival situation.

If you’re looking for something simple to stock up on that will be easy to store and maintain its value no matter what, consider buying a few cases of baby formula. You never know what some desperate parent might be willing to trade for it.

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Jason Hanson

Jason Hanson

Jason Hanson

Written By Jason Hanson

Jason Hanson is a former CIA officer and security specialist. He’s appeared on numerous television shows, including ABC’s Shark Tank and NBC’s Today show. To get free survival tips from Jason, click here.