Our Interview With Jason Hanson, Former CIA Insider

LFTWe begin today’s episode with a riddle…

A man leaves home on foot one evening, makes three left turns and arrives back home to find two masked men waiting there. Who are these men?

Think you know the answer? If you’re clever, maybe you do.

I’ll show it to you in a moment.

I bring this riddle up because many of your fellow LFT readers told us they wanted to learn the following secret:

Most people make this simple mistake when trying to evade a predator: It’s forehead slappingly simple. But people do it in the heat of the moment. And it gets them caught…

The lesson to be learned, you see, is embedded within that riddle.

Allow me to explain…

When people are being followed or chased, Jason explained, they panic and end up doing something weird and it gets them caught.

Without noticing it, they tend to make only left turns.

This, as you can tell, creates a problem.

After only three left turns, they end up right back where the began. And this normally makes it very easy for pursuers to catch them.

Especially if there’s more than one guy chasing them.

So if you’re being chased or followed, mix it up a bit. Variety is the spice of survival.

LFTThe next thing LFT readers said they wanted to learn was how to “robber-proof” the abode…

How to “robber-proof” your home: Burglars are going to skip your house for an easier mark if they see these three things…

A worthy task.

To understand this particular secret, first you must understand how the burglar thinks. The real burglar. The professional.

Not the dillweed Home Alone “sticky bandit” archetype.

Sure, some burglars are dumb. But the majority of them know what they’re doing. And they are the ones you need to worry about.

These types look for a specific set of circumstances that make their jobs very simple. If your house fits into the following profile and you haven’t been robbed yet, say hello to Lady Luck. She’s standing right behind you.

Or that could be a burglar.

LFTFirst thing you should know: the burglar isn’t going to be wearing a black leotard and a Zorro mask on his face.

Nor will he be driving around in a creepy white unmarked van.

He’s going to be a little more discreet than that. He’s going to blend in.

He’s going to be walking around with a rake. He’s going to be dressed up as an electric repairman with tools in his hands and a big heavy toolbelt around his waist.

He’s going to be climbing the electric poles to “fix” the cable. He might even come up to your door with a seemingly innocent flyer… or have a Kirby vacuum in tow and ask if you’d like a demonstration.

Point: The burglar is going to fit in with the “baseline.” The norm. He’s going to put effort into not sticking out.

If he’s done his job right, your wife is going to want to invite him and his wife over for dinner. Nothing would please him more.

And while he’s busy looking completely normal, he’s also staking out the perfect hit.

If you’ve ever been burglarized, you should know it was for one reason. Your house looked like an easy target.

What’s an easy target look like?

Well, think like a burglar. He or she wants high privacy fences so the pesky neighbors won’t see and call the fuzz. He wants lots of high vegetation. Especially if it covers your windows.

He’s looking to see if there’s playground equipment in your backyard. If so, he knows that, chances are, mom lives there. And mom probably has jewelry.

He’s looking for that burglar alarm sign in your yard. In fact, he’s hoping you have one. Because if the sign has the brand of alarm, you just told him exactly what tools he’ll need to disarm it. (You’d be better off buying a generic sign from the hardware store.)

And he’s also looking for evidence that you own a dog. Here’s a weird tip: If you do have a dog, leave two doggy bowls outside. A big one and a small one. One of each in the front and back.

If you don’t own any dogs, still, leave two doggy bowls outside. A big one and a small one. Yes, one of each in the front and back. Maybe even a chewed up bone for good measure.

Why both big and small doggy bowls?

Because the burglar will avoid any home that he thinks owns both a big dog… that could do him bodily harm… and a little yapping dog… that could alert the big dog and, not to mention, the entire neighborhood.

Just not worth the risk. There are plenty other houses to hit without a dynamic dog duo.


Oh yeah, he’s also scouring social media looking for vacation pics and conversations about how long you’ll be gone and whatnot.

So if you choose to reveal this information, don’t shout it from the rooftops of Facebook and Twitter, please.

LFTThere’s one more secret we’ll reveal today…

One unassuming, but devastatingly effective weapon you can take ANYWHERE: Planes, trains, automobiles, no matter where you’re at, don’t leave home without this covert self-defense tool.

Jason will reveal this one for you himself.

In a few minutes from now, he’s going to join us for a quick interview. And it’s a good thing. It looks like he might’ve made some fans.

LFTWe received TONS of responses yesterday. We have a lot of documents to send out.

Here’s an email, for example, that just popped in the mailbag…

“I’m already signed up at the basic level,” Iverson M. writes. “This looks really good!”

Getting those documents out is going to take longer than expected. We’re still working through them. So if you haven’t received your documents yet, sit tight.

Upon writing, we still haven’t hit 150 requests. We’re close. But not quite there yet.

So if you haven’t already, take Jason up on his free trial now and I’ll send the documents over.

They are the same documents I received during my training with Jason. And they included two of my favorite tricks.

Click here for all the details.

But come back after you do. Again, Jason has agreed to join us for a quick interview today.

And you’re not going to want to miss it.

Let’s invite him to the stage.

CHRIS: Hi, Jason. Thanks for joining us today on such short notice.

JASON: Thanks for having me, Chris.

CHRIS: So let’s just jump right in…

Clearly, you have a very unique course. And I’m receiving tons of great feedback from readers that have signed up with you in the past.

First, obligatory interview question:

What inspired you to create this specific training course? What’s the background story?

JASON: Well… I joined the CIA in 2003 and spent six years with the Agency.

It was a wonderful place to work. But at the end of the day, I’ve always had the entrepreneurial bug and I wanted to run my own business.

So, when I left the Agency, it made sense that I went into the safety and survival training, since that was my background and what I love to do.

I originally started training CEOs and other executives.

After a CEO would take my training, he would say something like “my wife and daughter need this too.” So, slowly, my training went from executives to the average American and now I train people from all walks of life.

CHRIS: Nice. So, LFT readers know I’m a huge fan of travel. And judging by the emails I get from readers, many are on the same page.

Of course, traveling into the unknown can place you into some dodgy situations. What advice do you have for fellow avid travelers?

JASON: Besides taking my Spy Escape & Evasion course?

CHRIS: Yes, besides that. But if they want to take your course, I should note, they’re going to get the opportunity in a moment. But, go on…

JASON: OK. Sure.

One, I would tell them to do their research ahead of time for the particular country…

Two, to make sure and blend in and match the baseline of that country,

Three, to keep their head up as they’re moving about. In other words, don’t have their heads buried in a cell phone or a map.

Also, a more specific tip: If you travel alone, when you are checking into your hotel and they ask you how many keys you want, always say two keys.

You don’t want it to look like you’re alone. Criminals scope out hotel lobbies looking for easy victims and you don’t want them to overhear you say “one key.”

CHRIS: That’s a good tip. And something I would’ve never considered. I’ll have to keep that in mind.

Next question: In your training, you speak a lot about awareness.

Normally, people are forced to raise their awareness after something bad happens.

How can someone learn to raise their level of awareness without having to experience trauma? How can they wake up in this world of screens?

What steps can they take today?

JASON: Put down the cell phone, keep your head up and make it a game.

Start studying people and see what you can decipher about them.

Based on the person’s clothing, what clues does it give away for what they do for a living? Are they right-handed or left-handed? What does it look like they have in their pockets?

Put simply, without being creepy and staring the person down, how much can you observe about them while remaining casual. If you start observing your surroundings better you won’t have time to bury your face in your cell phone or iPad.

CHRIS: Yes. Good answer.

I love people-watching. Vegas, where, of course, we met last weekend, is a haven for the people watcher. Endlessly entertaining and… disturbing.

Here’s an interesting question:

What does the future hold for your Spy, Escape and Evasion course? I hear a book deal and reality show might be in the works. Is this true?

JASON: I got a book deal with Random House.

The book is called Spy Secrets That Can Save Your Life and it comes out in September of this year.

I’ve been in talks with several companies about reality shows and so far I haven’t found anything that really appealed to me and isn’t over-the-top cheesy.

I am in talks with another company now and we will see what happens.

In May of this year, I am launching my licensing program and looking for instructors to teach several of my courses for me. I obviously can’t be in 100 places at once and need instructors all around the country.

CHRIS: Yeah, I noticed you were recruiting at the training in Vegas. Interesting opportunity for those who attend your next training. (Hint, hint. I’m talking to you.)

OK. I know you’re busy, so I have just one more question before you go.

What’s one of your biggest life-saving tips? One that has proved useful in your day-to-day life?

JASON: This may sound funny, but carry a Tactical Pen.

It’s my favorite self-defense tool and it’s the one tool that goes anywhere and everywhere with me.

It’s a regular writing pen, but it’s made with aircraft-grade aluminum and has a strong point at the end so I can use it for self-defense if I need to.

Executives to college students that I’ve trained carry tactical pens and it’s helped people escape muggings and kidnappings. You can see the tactical pen I use at: www.TacticalSpyPen.com.

CHRIS: Ah, yes. The tactical pen. Love it. I should be receiving mine soon.

To all the readers wondering, this is the “unassuming weapon” secret. You can take this thing on planes, trains… anywhere.

All right, thank you so much Jason. We appreciate you stopping in.

JASON: Thank you, Chris. And thanks for checking out the training.

CHRIS: Pleasure was all mine. I had a blast. It’s definitely something I’ll annoy tons of people by bragging about.

I’ll talk to you soon, Jason.

JASON: Sounds good. Bye!


LFTThat was Jason Hanson, dear LFT reader.


Everything I’ve told you for the last three days has been inspired wholly from Jason’s course last weekend.

And now, as we wrap up our spy week, we’re giving you the opportunity to go.

The training will be in Washington D.C. on June 19-20.

Unfortunately, there’s little time to mull it over. Upon my last conversation with Jason, he told me the training was well over half full.

And it won’t take much to fill the rest.

So if you think you can make it out to D.C. in June…

Simply click here to check out all the details and to reserve your seat.

LFTSome readers, we’re finding out, are already familiar with Jason’s live trainings…

Like Mark W.

“I took Jason’s course last year,” Mark writes, “and worth every nickel. So many great tips.

“I have quoted him recently about that popular vacation (and retirement?!!!) destination one should beware of.”

And another reader, Tom K. writes, “I bought Jason’s program through another newsletter. It is darned good and worth the few bucks I paid. Had you hawked it first I would have bought it through you.”

And one LFT reader was even in the room with me and we didn’t even know it!

“I also attended Jason Hanson’s Spy, Evade & Escape course this past weekend!” Darrell L. wrote.

“I was the scruffy looking guy who was about halfway back on the right side of the room, 2nd seat from the middle aisle, wearing a blue baseball cap.”

LFT: Hey, Darrell!

I was the somewhat scruffy looking guy about halfway back on the left side of the room… uhh… 2nd middle also.

[Looking at attached picture.]

Yep. I remember you!

LFTAgain, here’s the link for Jason’s training course one more time before we jump to reader mail…

If you were intrigued by everything we’ve talked about the last couple days, then check it out. You’ll learn all the secrets and much more.

Click here for all the details.

OK. Let’s jump to reader mail.

LFT“Since I’m actually taking the time to email,” one reader, Wes P. writes, “which is something I never do, I would just like to thank you for writing the absolute best daily email that I get.

“Out of the hundreds of emails I get each day, if I had to pick only one it would be LFT. You guys provide so much useful information it’s insane. Please don’t ever stop.

“As for today’s question, this is what I would like to know about:

One unassuming, but devastatingly effective weapon you can take ANYWHERE: Planes, trains, automobiles, no matter where you’re at, don’t leave home without this covert self-defense tool.

“Enjoyed your missives on Thailand. I live and work in Bangkok so I relate to much of what you wrote about.”

LFT: Thanks, Wes! Really happy you’re enjoying LFT.

And long live Bangkok! I’ll be back. If you’re still there when I make my reentry, let’s grab a Singha.

And to answer your question…

The “unassuming, but devastating effective weapon,” as mentioned earlier, is the Tactical Pen Jason brought up in our interview today. You can learn more about it here. Though, unfortunately, I’m not quite sure if they’ll send one to Thailand.

Thanks for reading.

Tomorrow, we’re going to switch gears a bit. I’m starting a new project next week. I don’t want to give too much away, but I’ll tell you this…

Starting Monday, I’m going to give up using those gross Federal Reserve Notes and survive off a new type of currency.

The rules are, I’m only allowed to use this particular currency, no matter what.

No, I’m not talking about bitcoin… or bartering (technically not a currency, but just so you know)… or anything like that.


LFTOops. Almost forgot. The riddle!

Here’s the answer to the riddle…

The two men are the umpire and the catcher.

Did you get it right?

If so, pat yourself on the back smarty-pants.

And then stay tuned. I’ll reveal more details about my strange currency project tomorrow.

Until then,

Stay safe. Stay aware. Stay prepared.

Chris Campbell

Chris Campbell

Written By Chris Campbell

Chris Campbell is the Managing editor of Laissez Faire Today. Before joining Agora Financial, he was a researcher and contributor to SilverDoctors.com.