NRA chooses fascism over liberty

So armed guards it is, at least according to the NRA. Instead of letting school handle their own security and getting out from under the government’s central plan (see my article on this), the NRA is living up to the caricature and proposing that more weapons in anyone’s hands as the solution. The real solution is to deal more broadly with the issue of security itself.

Note that public schools do not have insurance of the normal sort. Government typically establishes an insurance fund that pays for property damage — with made-up premiums and payouts — but there is no liability for the kids or teachers there. This makes them completely unlike private establishments, and provides the biggest clue that markets and property property are not enabled to allow for the emergence of the correct solution to the problem of security.

Contrary to left and right, the solution is not more guns in the hands of the cops and other state officials, much less gun-totting teachers (or disarmed teachers and administrators, for that matter). The solution is to have schools deal with security in the same way that jewelry stores, banks, and private home owners deal with security issues.