No. I Am Not Alex Jones

“None of us are responsible for the limitations we were born with. We are only responsible for what we create.”
– C.J. Midlam, The Windows Around

--Alex Jones has been kicked out of “Big Tech.” The law of polarity says it’s now time for the Right to be outraged by something private companies have done with their own property.

We won’t be beating a dead horse too hard today, don’t worry.

The answer to “Alex Jones” isn’t to turn this into yet another debate on free speech.

The answer isn’t to become outraged and flail and scream and cry, either.

Nor is it to get Twitter and Facebook to “release the algorithms” to prove Big Tech is censoring conservatives.

The mainstream conversation, as usual, is being shoved into the beaten path…

The media and government want you fighting about in what way they should maintain — and gain — more power over the direction of your life.

The answer to all of is very simple (though it’s not easy, because it takes brainpower, effort, creativity and hard work). And it’s something we’ve been talking about for a couple of years now.

Finally, it seems, it’s all coming to a head.

More on that, though, in a moment.

First, a Crooked Mouth Farm update:

Last weekend, I went to an art festival near the farm. I wanted to meet a local artist to make me a logo… and then to paint it on my big, sliding barn door.

One artist, excited about the concept, happily agreed.

He did his due diligence and pulled a photo from my Facebook page.

It was one of Toshi, the goat.

Toshi, at every moment, demands to be the center of attention, stomping her tiny hooves if you’re not listening… or if she feels your petting wasn’t quite up to snuff.

Thus, it fits she would become the face of Crooked Mouth Farm.

First draft of logo…


After talking shop with the artist, I walked a little further and met an author, drinking whisky out of a thermos, selling his stack of books out on the street.

I picked up the book and read the cover: “The Windows Around.”

“That book took 13 years to write,” he said, standing up and leaning back a bit as he stepped closer.

He was dapper and smelled of pine and of an old Kentucky distillery. He looked like he’d been on a three-day, exceptionally well-maintained, bender.

I liked him instantly.

I flipped a copy over and read the back:

“A wealthy banker with a corrupt past and a faltering marriage wants to reverse course. He meets a young intellectual and they agree to make a film that exposes the common fiber binding humanity – communication.

“The film shows that people at both ends of the socioeconomic spectrum inherently wish for the same thing. They demonstrate the importance of removing the middleman (media and government), as agents of influential spin when people around the world talk to one another freely.”

“How much?” I asked.


I pulled a $10 bill from my wallet and handed it to him.

He, distracted by some commotion in the street, took it, pulled a $20 from his, and handed it to me.

I liked him even more.

I’m almost finished with the book. It’s a great read.

Turns out, it’s set in Baltimore, our HQ’s home city, which was a welcome synchronicity.

The crux of the story is the wealthy banker and the young journalist intellectual, finding common ground, see one problem brewing in the world — a lack of real communication.

Just fake stories, fake emotions, fake outrage.

They see the media and government as “agents of influential spin” and wish to bring the conversation down to earth — to the individual.

But they don’t want to fight these agents of spin in their own battlefield, engaging in zero-sum arguments… that would be silly.

Nor do they wish to ask them for permission to create something different.

Rather, they create something so big and bold it exposes the Big Spin, and people can’t help but look.

In doing so, their efforts inspire hundreds of thousands of people to peek behind the veil… turning the distraction machine on itself.

An excerpt:

“But the media industry found itself in a predicament: while these stories were all extremely lucrative, the characters were hot, the polarizing nature of the film generated excitement, and there was finally something to focus on other than Republicans vs. Democrats, the poor vs. the rich, and the religious culture vs. non-sectarianism, the message of the film was essentially at odds with the industry itself and it took only a few days for this to become obvious to the public.

“For the film aimed to demonstrate that the media and government lenses and mouthpieces through which the world was informed was unnecessary and it aimed to generate interest in the alternative idea that communication between and among the world’s inhabitants could, and should, replace the media. The media hierarchies had feared for some time that this might happen…”

It’s a great book. Well-written. And very apropos.

It was a stroke of good luck that I would find it, randomly, out on the street. (You can check out Midlam’s book here.)

Such is the beauty of self-publishing, without which, Midlam’s book might not’ve made it into my lap.

And, finally, it hits the nail on the head.

Don’t cry… create.

There’s plenty of room for your voice… so long as you are a signal and not part of the noise.

There are plenty of ways to finance a Facebook… Twitter… Youtube alternative (using the ICO or crowdfunding model, for example).

There’s plenty of demand for an alternative, as more and more individuals get demonetized, shadow-banned and blacklisted.

Furthermore, we’re quickly getting to a point where open-source decentralized platforms are becoming feasible — where there’s no central command to the platform and you OWN your information.

This is, of course, the last thing the distraction machine wants… people who focus on alternatives.

How do you fight back? Don’t engage in the narrative.

Create. Write. Build. Inspire.

Do something that shocks the system out of its slumber.

Start tiny. But start.

Start today.

[Ed. note: Soon,I plan to have a drink with C.J. and bombard with everything I’ve learned about selling books online — and help him get his well-deserved book to #1 in his category on Amazon. I’ll also show him how to take way less than 13 years to write his next book. Everything I’ll show him is inside James Altucher’s brand new course, The Choose Yourself Guide to Self-Publishing. Join us in the mastermind. Check it out right here.]

Until tomorrow,

Chris Campbell

Chris Campbell
Managing editor, Laissez Faire Today

Chris Campbell

Written By Chris Campbell

Chris Campbell is the Managing editor of Laissez Faire Today. Before joining Agora Financial, he was a researcher and contributor to