Money: The Green Shapeshifter That Rules the World


It’s a powerful word, no?

How do you feel when you see it?


Whatever comes up inside of you, you should know, dictates — down to the dollar — how much is sitting in your bank account right now.

Is it enough?

If your answer is yes…

Just close this episode out and save yourself some time today. What you’ll read below won’t really be for you.

If not, stay tuned…

You could be one of many readers who will make one decisive action before Nov. 27 (Turkey Day) — and potentially make 2015 your most lucrative year yet right out of the gate.

More on that in one moment.

First, we should dive into what money actually is…

Is it gold… paper… or 1s and 0s on a computer screen?

Is it simply, as Wikipedia suggests, “A current medium of exchange…”

Or is it, as Tony Robbins wrote in his new book, Money: Master the Game, “like a shape-shifter or a canvas, assuming whatever meaning or emotion we project on it”?

We say it’s all of the above.

Though money is just digits and doubloons… it also has an almost ethereal hold on Earth: With the right leverage, it has the power to make or break each and every one of us.

And despite what famed economists might believe in their cushy offices, not much rational thought goes into how we use it.

Or, for that matter, how we talk about it.

Speaking of…

altWe started reading Tony Robbins’ book, Money, over the weekend…

And then we found ourselves yawning uncontrollably. So we stopped.

It’s a very thick book. And not in a good way.

Each page we read was saturated in rehashed financial advice… pointless filler… name-dropping… and much… much… much… more!

Don’t get us wrong. We’re fans of his early work. His books were guilty pleasures. And they did serve to light a few fires under our bums.

But of his latest, not so much…

Robbins spends an inordinate time getting you warmed up to believe things you probably already do.

For example, with the tone of a whistleblower gone wild, Robbins valiantly informs us that…

  • 401(k) providers and mutual funds charge big fees…
  • Financial advisors are more worried about their bottom line than yours…
  • Compound interest is awesome…
  • Starting a business can be lucrative…
  • You should probably cut back on your expenses…
  • Save. Save!

At least that’s what we gathered in the first 50 or so pages…

Needless to say, our mind wasn’t exactly blown to bits.

Robbins also shared, we noticed, his “All Weather” portfolio — inspired by Ray Dalio, founder of Bridgewater.

“I give Robbins credit for this: He helped me make money,” Barry Ritholtz wrote last week in Bloomberg, referring to a video Robbins made way back in Aug. 2010.

“After a 57 percent market crash and barely a year after the lows were reached, the warnings by a self-help guru about dangers ahead seemed a lot like the proverbial “wall of worry” to me.

“Trading against Robbins then was profitable. His money-losing advice to the public was awful. I expect the All Weather Portfolio to perform as poorly.”

“This portfolio is great if you have a time machine,” Ritholtz advised, “but probably is terrible if you are investing for the next 30 years.

Now you know.

Before we plopped the book back on the shelf with a sigh, we thought of what we learned from Robbins back when we didn’t yawn (as much) at his books…

altIf you’ve ever dabbled in Tony Robbins, you know that his whole spiel revolves mainly around one central technique: modeling.

“If you want to be successful,” he says, “find someone who has achieved the results you want and copy what they do and you’ll achieve the same results.”

Sounds simple, right? It is, in concept.

It’s not easy, though. Especially when it comes to investing.

The world is full of failures. Picking apart what’s working to make money and what isn’t is sometimes a grueling challenge.

Catching it before the opportunity passes? Even more so.

But, as a special end-of-the-year affair, one colleague wants to make it easy for you…

In today’s episode, you won’t learn about just one person who has struck it rich — you’ll learn about hundreds.

And you’ll also learn how you can tap into the incredible opportunity they’re quietly taking advantage of.

Right now… as you read this… many of America’s most well-off are quietly piling their money into one major boom.

Some pundits might say it’s too late. But, according to our in-house energy expert, you’re just in time.

You be the judge.

altPop Quiz Time: Jeopardy! Style…


“For those who’ve been paying attention to America’s energy renaissance,” our own Matt Insley wrote from our energy desk, “this question seems like child’s play. It’s a gimme!

“It appeared on the ‘Tournament of Champions’ show — and it was the final question. Simply put, this ‘tough’ question was asked to arguably the smartest folks Jeopardy! has to offer.”

One contestant wrote down “Texas”…


Another wrote down “Arizona”… and then scratched it out. She settled on “Washington state.”

Also wrong.

The third contestant… finally… got the answer…

Think you know it?

Write your guess down. We’ll share it in a moment.

altDespite the naysayers, we talk a lot about renewable energy…

But, of course, we’d be fools to ignore the other energy boom underway.

We’d be blind not to see all the money flowing around us. The wealth being shifted around is hard to imagine — but it’s happening.

We’re talking about, of course, the massive shale boom taking place in North America.


We bring it up today for good reason…

The 166th OPEC meeting is coming up on Thursday in Vienna, Austria…

“Up until now,” Matt writes, “the Saudis have done nothing more than posture for oil price wars and more production. If they change their tune — which I believe they will — we could see a nice rebound in crude.

“Heck, we’re already starting to see it!

“That’s why the last three ‘gusher plays’ in our portfolio are still looking great.”

“Our thesis that oil prices are close to a bottom is panning out nicely. And if we’re right, we’ll make a killing.”

That’s why Matt quickly wrote up — and is constantly updating — his live report called Three Opportunities for Texas-Sized Riches.

“Oil and gas wealth is flowing from American shale plays at an alarming rate,” Matt writes to his insiders in the exclusive report.

“Texas oil tycoons are making a mint, landowners are cashing six-digit checks, once-forgotten rusty towns are enjoying a stunning economic revival, oil and gas companies are enjoying a huge pay-day and more!

“Add it all up and we’re staring at a once-per-generation opportunity.”

All these people… making so much money. It’s arguably one of the biggest booms of the past century.

You’re justified if you feel a little left out.

Luckily, Matt’s on our side. He’s been on the leading edge of this trend since its early beginnings…

Over the past five years, he’s talked to leading oil and gas economists (and even stumped them with his questions)…

He’s also traveled to all of America’s biggest shale plays. And he’s given us boots-on-the-ground accounts of each of them.

“From South Texas to Williston, North Dakota, from gas plays in Pennsylvania to the up-and-coming oil boom in Colorado.

“I’ve seen this modern-day revival first hand.”

altAnd all of it has been leading up to this…

“Today,” Matt announces, “I want to unveil three ways that you can tap into this same HUGE opportunity.

“This is your chance to make fast gains on America’s oil and gas boom. And as I see it, we’re still at the beginning of this huge play.

“All three of these plays have been hand-picked for today’s market (here in late 2014.) In fact, we’ve NEVER published a report with three “gushers” ever before!

“Also, as you’ll see, these plays are updated up to the minute.

“While normally these gusher plays move too quickly to be put into a report like this, I’m working around-the-clock to make sure this report is fully up to date through November 27, 2014.

“Simply put, that means you’ll have an opportunity to cash in on all three of the plays — right now!”

Reader Mail

alt“Two years ago I was in London,” Mark W. writes, “and went to the National Portrait Gallery to see the Lucien Freud retrospective. It had just opened, and was so popular you had to make reservations.

“I showed up hoping to do so, and they told me they had an opening in fifteen minutes.

“‘What great luck!’ I thought and entered the exhibit.

“The first gallery was crowded and I realized at some point a wheelchair had entered the space. Well, it was Dr. Stephen Hawking himself.

“I was amazed at how interactive he was in evidently discussing the art with his assistant/ companion. Being an illustrator and artist, I whipped out my sketchbook and ink brush and did a quick sketch.

“I am eternally grateful to the gentleman who literally jumped back so I had a clear shot at completing the drawing. (see below) I must confess for the rest of the day I felt as though walking on air at being in the presence of such a great man; and reflecting how often unusual things happen to me in old London town.

“I enjoy LFT!”


“Mark W.”


LFT: Great drawing, Mark! Thanks for sharing.

Until tomorrow,

Chris Campbell

Managing editor, Laissez Faire Today

P.S. Almost forgot.

Here’s the answer to your pop quiz…


Yep. Between 2006 – 2013, North Dakota went from being 39th in per capita income to 6th. Its unemployment is now the nation’s lowest.

That’s what happens in a boomtown.

Chris Campbell

Written By Chris Campbell

Chris Campbell is the Managing editor of Laissez Faire Today. Before joining Agora Financial, he was a researcher and contributor to