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If you believe, like us, entrepreneurship is the best way to improve the world, then this missive is for you.

Because what you’re going to learn today could not only change your life in ways you cannot yet imagine, it could also help make the world a better place for a lot of people.

Here’s the thing…

Like many, you probably have a lot of ideas on how to make life better for thousands, millions, perhaps billions, of people on this floating rock. Problem is, you don’t have the time to get all of these ideas — or maybe even just one of them — rolling.

Even if this idea really matters to you… there are simply not enough hours in the day. So, more often than not, it gets dropped.

Good, world-changing ideas die every single hour. That’s tragic.

But hear us out…

What if you could have someone on hand to delegate tasks to so you can focus on what really matters to you? And, what if, at the same time, you could provide a well-paying job for someone who needs it in a developing country?

The benefits of such a scenario, you may realize, are twofold:

1.] You’re able to free up hours each day to work on your “next level life” project…

2.] Someone in a developing country is able to acquire money, skills and experience necessary for a much brighter future than they would have otherwise…

(Wouldn’t providing jobs be much more beneficial to the “third world” than donating to some opaque humanitarian organization?)

With all of the ridiculous amounts of regulatory red tape in the “developed” world, hiring some simple help can be a nightmarishly expensive and time consuming process.

But get this…

What if you could hire an assistant for just a flat fee of $500 a month… and, even better, do none of the leg work finding that perfect person?

Well, now you can.

Enter Liberty Virtual Assistants (LAVs).

Because Every Hero Needs a Sidekick

Last week, I sat down with Ashe Whitener, founder of Liberty Entrepreneurs Podcast, to talk about his latest and greatest creation: Liberty Virtual Assistants.

The problem with great ideas is they take a lot of work to make real. Oftentimes, too, it’s more work than the inventor of the idea can handle at the time. So, alas, the idea remains in the ether, rotting away.

And the world suffers as a result.

That’s where Liberty Virtual Assistants comes in. The LVAs team helps you find a virtual sidekick to free up some time so you can focus on your genius. And for a flat fee of, as mentioned, $500 per month. (And, yes, LVAs accepts bitcoin.)

How it works is simple…

Phase 1: Submit your job description to LVAs. Tell them what tasks you’d like to delegate.

Phase 2: The LVAs team screens applicants all over the world based on what you need and other factors, such as Internet speed, reliability, English proficiency, typing skills, experience, interests, personality and communication skills.

Phase 3: LVAs does first-round interviews and creates a top three list, which is then sent to you.

Phase 4: From this heavily curated shortlist, you are able to conduct your own interviews.

Phase 5: Boom. You’re done. Now you delegate tasks, free up your time and focus on your genius.

And don’t worry…

LVAs doesn’t just leave you high-and-dry once Phase 5 is over. The team is on hand to help you out with your VA in case you need support.

It’s a great concept. Which is why I invited Ashe to talk about Liberty Virtual Assistants, the rise of the peer-to-peer marketplace, cryptocurrencies and more.

Enjoy the show.

And read on.

Chris Campbell: Hey, Ashe. Thanks for joining us. So, let’s start with the nuts and bolts. Tell us a little bit about Liberty Virtual Assistants. How did it start and how does it work?  

Ashe Whitener: Well, long before the idea of Liberty Virtual Assistant came to be, I had released about 60 episodes on my podcast Liberty Entrepreneurs.

I interviewed liberty-minded digital entrepreneurs who were building freedom. Releasing a weekly podcast takes a LOT of work and I quickly found myself working 10-12 hours each week just to keep it up… all while having a “real job.”

I decided to hire a Virtual Assistant (“VA”) to help out with some of the day-to-day tasks to help free up my own time. After a few months, I started to talk about how awesome it was to have someone in the Philippines working for me and how much more free time I had each week.

Eventually people started to ask me if I could help them find and hire a VA to grow their team. I spoke with Dexter about this idea and we started building a network of experienced VAs. A few weeks later Liberty Virtual Assistants (LVAs) was formed.

The mission and value of LVAs is simple.

We take the mystery out of Virtual Assistants and help digital entrepreneurs build freedom.  Our service will helps find, interview and hire a skilled, but low cost VAs to their team.

The cost of labor in much of the “developed” world is ridiculous and comes with too much risk and regulatory baggage. It’s much more affordable and less risky to hire a VA contractor where cash is still king.

The process is simple and you can expect a VIP experience.  Look, we get it. You already have too much to do, that’s why you’ve come to us.

Sit back, relax, and let us help you find some assistance.

CC: We talk a lot about the rise of the peer-to-peer marketplace and how it’s opening up tons of opportunities for talent in emerging countries. Based on your experience, how profound is this shift for those in countries where opportunities are few and far between?

AW: The decentralized, sharing, digital economy is crushing the old world economy. Entrepreneurs now have the opportunity to hire on a truly global scale rather than “brick and mortar” entrepreneurs who had to either hire in their local area or ask people to move close by.

In the digital economy, we have so many tools to communicate, stay organized, automate/delegate tasks and we now have our own digital currencies to help facilitate trade and payments.

The entrepreneur isn’t the only one with a paradigm shifting advantage.

My ENTIRE staff is in the Philippines where it’s not uncommon to still work for $2USD/hour.  When I hire a VA for $4-5/hour, I literally DOUBLE their living wage while remaining very affordable for me.

Think about it this way. When you or I hire a Virtual Assistant, not only are you growing your team on a shoestring budget, but you are also helping a young Filipino work from home, double their living wage and build freedom in their life.

This would NOT be possible if they were restricted to only working jobs in their home city.

CC:  Very true. And this goes back to a conversation I was having recently with a friend. He had this strange presupposition that humanitarian aid is far more valuable than providing jobs. That’s when I handcuffed him to a chair and dewormed him by forcing him to watch Poverty, Inc.

He’s seen the light. And it is good. Opportunity is prosperity. Loads of endless free stuff creates only dependence and feelgoods for the giver. It’s simple.

AW: Helping the “third world” is something I’ve heard Bitcoiners talk about since 2013, and frankly nearly nobody has don’t anything about it.

Why not create a business that employees people from the areas of the world that you want to help and offer JOBS to them.

My company no longer needs the international banks to pay the virtual assistant’s salaries. We use Cryptocurrencies and Blockchains allow you to control more aspects of your business.

Stop sitting around and thinking of how Bitcoin can improve lives worldwide, actually go out there and figure out how YOU can use these incredible technologies.

CC: Yes. Cryptocurrencies and the blockchain are only going to reach their true potential if people start using them for those grand purposes. Holding all of your coins in a cold wallet, for example, might keep them safe, but it’s not the totality of what needs to be done to drive this movement forward.

OK. So, our final and most important question: What can our readers do to position themselves to take the most advantage of these technologies and the opportunities they create?

AW: I only have one step. The next “brilliant business idea” that you get… ACT ON IT.

Sure, maybe it won’t work out but what will you learn?.

Find out when and how blockchain can help you build the best business possible and what market advantages you can have because of your knowledge of this bleeding-edge technology.

[Ed. note: Interested in hiring a virtual assistant? Check out Liberty Virtual Assistants at this link. And you can access Ashe’s Liberty Entrepreneurs Podcast here.]

Until tomorrow,

Chris Campbell
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