Higher Cause

Table of Contents

Installment 1:
Chapter 1. Impending Doom
Chapter 2. Two Brothers with Four Guns
Installment 2:
Chapter 3. A Bleeding-Heart Libertarian
Chapter 4. Mysterious Wealth
Installment 3:
Chapter 5. A Possibility of Fusion
Chapter 6. Recruitment
Chapter 7. Creative Destruction

Higher Cause is an ambitious new project from Laissez Faire Books, a serialized novel with timely sweeping themes, active free-thinking characters, conflicts affecting the world, spies, guns, explosions, new forms of energy, sinister conspiracies, government plots, nationalization, destruction, and hope. Higher Cause is written by an author whose core values dismiss the initiation of force or fraud as an acceptable mode of action. It is libertarian fiction, but not preaching, because it is written by a libertarian thinker who is not a preacher but rather a doctor. I know all this because I am the author of Higher Cause. My name is John Hunt, and it is my desire that we get to know each other in the months ahead.

I wrote Higher Cause to appeal not only to free thinkers who crave knowledge from multiple nonfiction sources — in other words many Laissez Faire readers — but also to appeal to their family members and friends and older children, who may not yet have formulated an internally consistent set of core values that helps them make sense of the world. Fiction brings philosophies to life and provides a framework for understanding what values are worthy of incorporating into oneself. The reading of thoughtful fiction is a useful pursuit at all ages.

Let me be clear: the nonlibertarian will not likely notice the libertarian themes contained in the book. They are for the most part subtle — simply reflecting the integrity and consistency inherent in a well-considered philosophical construct. Higher Cause makes no academic arguments filled with statistics and case studies and historical evidence of the failings of competing political mentalities. Instead, the characters present how government force and fraud has been used by the immoral among us, and show a path by which individuals can help humans as a whole unhoist ourselves from this petard to which most of us unknowingly have contributed gunpowder. Higher Cause begins with the famous British vessel the Bounty. Its trip to Tahiti in 1789 ended in mutiny, but perhaps not for the reasons so many of us have come to believe. The mysterious mission the Bounty was sent furtively to accomplish is a continuous theme throughout the remainder of the book, which takes place in the years 2012 and following, as the central banks and governments of the world have placed the world economy on a loose and shaky high wire on which even the strongest Keynesian thinkers, trained at the most expensive progressive arts colleges, can no longer balance.

Later this week, I would like to begin to introduce you to the characters of Higher Cause who see no need for a high wire, for they have another idea: create wealth. Higher Cause will come to you for free, in 22 installments of roughly 27 pages each, in electronic serialization hosted by the Laissez Faire Blog. Serialization of a novel is nothing new. Dickens published all his great works in this manner. If you join the Laissez Faire Club, you will have the opportunity to read the book much faster, at your own pace, also for free as a benefit of membership.

During this serial publication, I encourage you to write me emails, and I will provide occasional brief insights into how the book came to be.

I hope to see you later in the week when the first installment of Higher Cause is launched.

Best regards,

John Hunt

For a full list of chapters, see the table of contents.