If you have recently found a charge on your credit card or bank statement from:

PSV*Unconventional Wealth

It’s because you have subscribed to one of Lassiez Faire’ lifestyle newsletters by the name of Unconventional Wealth.

SHI_CCStatementUnconventional Wealth is unlike anything you’ve seen in the financial research industry. It’s not just a stock picking or trading service. And it’s not your typical investment research newsletter. Instead it’s unique, practical, step-by-step, real-time advice on wealth creation. Each month, you’ll receive a private letter highlighting a novel way to grow your wealth. Instead of focusing on grasping at teensy gains, you’ll see how to build multigenerational wealth in your lifetime. We’ll walk you through all the ways wealthy people got where they are. And it’s not by buying and selling stocks all day.

Editor Ryan Cole’s unconventional but sound thinking has been featured on The Motley Fool, Seeking Alpha, Investment U. The Entrepreneur’s Club and a host of other publications. He was a senior editor with Contrarian Profits, heading up the Small Cap Insider newsletter. He is now the editor of Laissez Faire’s Unconventional Wealth.

If you’re having an issue with your subscription or have a question about the billing for Unconventional Wealth, please contact our customer service department. We’d be happy to help you out! You can contact customer service by phone or email using the contact information below.

  • Email us at customerservice@lfb.org and one of our Customer Service Representatives will get back to you as soon as possible.
  • Call our Customer Service team toll-free at 1-877-453-1177. International customers can contact us at 443-268-0474.

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