Ryan Cole
Editor, Unconventional Wealth

When most of his fellow college graduates were looking for stable jobs, Ryan took off around America. This wasn’t a mere joyride, though. He worked his way through the States, gathering knowledge and experience in a wide range of fields – from helping to organize media coverage of a presidential convention to guiding tourists through the Colorado mountains on snowmobiles.

Soon thereafter, Ryan took his unconventional approach further afield, teaching and writing throughout Asia, as he explored and learned about business and culture in ways that can’t be found in classrooms or textbooks.

Upon returning home, Ryan took a job with a financial newsletter… but left it when the financial crisis hit. Going against the currents of the day, Ryan launched his own company – and quickly tripled his income in the process.

Today, Ryan’s unconventional but sound thinking has been featured on The Motley Fool, Seeking Alpha, Investment U. The Entrepreneur’s Club and a host of other publications. He was a senior editor with Contrarian Profits, heading up the Small Cap Insider newsletter. He is now the editor of Unconventional Wealth, a monthly feature of the Laissez Faire Letter.

And his unconventional approach has helped Ryan spot trends before others saw them coming. To name two recent examples: Ryan predicted the rise of 3D printing – recommending a company that has gained nearly 200% in just over a year. He also successfully called the bottom in the real estate market in 2012, even as the mainstream press moaned on about weakness in properties.

In truth, thanks to his vast experience in varying industries and locations, Ryan has a more comprehensive overview of business and economics than most stuffed shirts could hope for. This bird’s-eye view allows him to zig when everyone else zags – usually to great profit.

Ryan has never taken the obvious path – but always an unconventional one. And by doing so, he is wealthier, happier, and more complete than otherwise would be possible.

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