Chris Campbell
Roving Reporter, Laissez Faire Today Editor

Some people collect stamps. Some people collect clocks. Others collect seashells. Chris Campbell collects awesome (and often weird) experiences. And then he writes about them.

Sometimes these stories end up in his free daily e-letter, Laissez Faire Today.

Other times they’re far too inappropriate for print. And he wouldn’t dare tell you about them. (Maybe if you ask nicely.)

He drinks coffee. He takes pictures with his camera. He writes ideas in a little notebook that he usually keeps in his pocket (though he currently thinks he might’ve forgotten said notebook in Bangkok). And he does yoga. But not always all at the same time.

Chris also wants to let you know that he’s a card-carrying medical tourist.

And he tells people that Laissez Faire Today is worth reading every single day. It’s (probably) true.

Has pen and camera. Will travel.

P.S. Chris’ email address is He encourages his readers (and potential readers) to email him and keep in touch. He reads every single email. And is always willing to meet up when the occasion arises.

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