Byron King

Resources and Military Specialist

A Harvard-trained geologist and former aide to the United States Chief of Naval Operations, Byron King is our resident oil and energy expert, and we are proud to have him on board as the editor of Real Wealth Trader, Outstanding Investments, and Military Tech Alert.

This “old rock hound” uses his expertise and connections in global resource industries to bring his readers the very best opportunities in energy, mining and precious metals. Byron also draws upon first-hand knowledge of the world of high-tech industries gains during his military career.

Byron’s ahead-of-the-curve insights have drawn attention over the years. He’s made frequent appearances in mainstream media such as The Washington Post, MSN Money,, Fox Business News, CNBC’s Squawk Box, Larry Kudlow, Glenn Beck and PBS’s NewsHour. He also wrote a feature article published in the Financial Times, and has appeared on both CNN and Marketplace radio broadcasts.

A long-time world traveler who’s gotten his boots muddy on five continents in search of the world’s best commodities investment opportunities, Byron has also been quoted in various international publications such as the UK’s The Guardian and the Netherland’s De Volkskrant, and has been a guest on Canada’s CBC television broadcast. Byron still spends much of his time away from home, checking out remote mines, rigs and plants to provide a first-hand account of almost every investment opportunity he recommends.

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