Fight the Red-Light Camera Rac­­­­­ket

--“To do this successfully,” Stephen Ruth, 42, of Suffolk County, NY, said in a Yo­­utube video, “you only need a pair of balls and a painter’s extension rod.

“I’m going to show you how easy it is to take the power back.”

As we reflect on the Memorial Day festivities, many of us are undoubtedly reminded of the extortion racket that is the “driving tax”… also known as the speeding ticket fine… also known as the cop’s favorite racket.

That’s why today’s episode kicks off our Laissez Faire’s Civil Disobedience Week. It’s like Shark Week, but much more exciting. All week, we’re going to show you ways to fight the power and… if you do it right and with enough gusto… win.

The more Americans dust off their complacency and take part in peaceful acts of civil disobedience, the more the government will begin to fear the people again. (Hey, that’s a good campaign slogan: “Make Uncle Sam Afraid Again.”)

We must help Big Gov. remember that a crime without a victim is no crime at all. Instead, it’s often little more than a revenue enhancement scheme. And when the goons engage in these schemes they are stealing our money to waste it on their unproductive ventures.

If we — as individuals — don’t push back against the Totalitarian Tiptoe, the snakes in suits simply won’t stop.

Stephen Ruth is a fine example of someone who not only sees this clearly, but also decided to do something about it. And in doing so, he reminded us to never underestimate the power of a simple act of civil disobedience.

In August of 2015, Mr. Ruth, also known as the “Red Light Robin Hood,” showed over a million Youtube viewers how easy it is to disable red light cameras.

Red Light Robin Hood

In short, he took his painter’s extension rod (the aforementioned pair of balls, come to find out, is not actually required) and placed it under the camera and pointed the camera out of sight of the road.

In doing this, says Ruth, “you save our taxpayers, you save innocent people, a lot of money.”

Should Ruth feel bad about his actions? No. The red light camera scam, in Suffolk’s case (and likely in most cases), is cronyism at its finest. Xerox, the manufacturer of the red-light cams, splits all revenue collected from the speed traps with the county.

Moreover, “Xerox,” a petition page on reads, “is permitted to choose the locations for red light cameras based on the intersection’s ability to produce a minimum of 25 tickets per business day.”

And here’s the rub: “If a camera location does not produce the required minimum tickets, Suffolk County is obligated to pay Xerox about $2,000 per month for each under-performing camera and $17.25 for each ticket. If there are 100 cameras that do not meet the quota, Suffolk County will pay Xerox more than $200,000 a month until they move the cameras to a more profitable location.”

Seriously. And it gets crazier…

“Suffolk County is not permitted to choose locations on their own unless the locations meet the minimum criteria mentioned above,” the petition page goes on. “With a quota comes the possibility of corruption to ensure that each camera produces enough tickets each day. This includes installing cameras at entrances to supermarkets and high traffic areas and not intersections with the most accidents.

“An intersection that has the most deaths but cannot produce 25 tickets per business day will not meet the minimum criteria to install a camera at that location. Camera locations are not chosen for safety. They are chosen based on the amount of revenue they can produce for Suffolk County and Xerox.”

Please shout “Wow” if you’re surprised.


Today and tomorrow, as post-holiday hangover brainfood, we’re going to be showing you how to join your fellow Americans in fighting back against the “driving tax” racket.

Today, you’ll discover how one man beat a photo-enforced speeding ticket. Tomorrow, we’ll reveal 11 secrets crooked cops (and insurance companies) don’t want you to know about the revenue enhancement scheme, plus how to beat any traffic ticket.

Remember, civil disobedience is not a crime. And there’s no such thing as a victimless crime. Let’s call it what it is: revenue enhancing theft.

It’s high time we dust off our knees, grab our pitchforks and fight back. Otherwise, we’ll keep giving away inches of our freedoms, and they’ll, in a militant lockstep, keep taking miles.

So, go ahead. Get your extension rod (and, if applicable, pair of balls) ready…

And read on.

[Ed. note: Keep in mind that the following technique worked for the individual involved. Before you try anything, do your homework. Check your local and state laws and find a way to fight back that pertains to your locality. In the Post-Information Age, we suffer not from lack of knowledge. We suffer from a lack of action. Get informed. Follow through. Fight the power.]

How to Beat a Photo-Enforced Speeding Ticket (or Red Light Ticket)

Last year, I received a letter in the mail from the Washington D.C DMV claiming I was speeding.

As you can see, it was one of those Photo-Enforced Speeding Tickets and they had multiple pictures of my CAR. I knew better to just submit and pay a fine like, unfortunately, the majority of people do in this country.

I am in the habit of not taking “plea deals,” and I am always in the habit of fighting my tickets and NOT pre-paying them so I don’t have to go to court — like many folks do.

I just about always record my interactions with the police, whether it’s a traffic stop or not, that way it keeps the entire situation objective, transparent and I can hold the public servant accountable if he/ she violates my rights.

So I got this letter in the mail:


D.C Notice of Infraction Front


D.C Notice of Infraction Back

I can’t recall why I got the next letter, but I think it was because I didn’t respond promptly enough.


DMV Notice of Unsatisified Photo Enforcement Ticket Front


DMV Notice of Unsatisified Photo Enforcement Ticket Back

As you can see, these criminals issuing these tickets are hoping that the people will just get scared and pay, or not want to waste their time with it.

However the government has to provide evidence that it was actually ME driving, it’s their burden of proof.

Just because they got pictures of my car doesn’t mean I was driving. So, in response to the first letter, I mailed them back the following letter (copied and pasted):

To Whom it May Concern,

I received a letter claiming I committed a violation of a speeding law in the District of Columbia on 04/21/2012. As per the instructions, I am writing to plead ‘not guilty’ to this charge. Although this option is said to result in this matter going to court; it is my suggestion that the charges simply be dropped. This suggestion comes out of respect for tax payers, and my request that their hard earned money not be wasted in such proceedings.

As there is no evidence of my involvement with this alleged ‘crime’, as well as the fact that I am not granted my 6th amendment right to face my ‘accuser’ (a camera); I see no way the government could prove my guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. I also see find no legal requirement for me to implicate someone else in this process, as it is the government’s responsibility to prove a person’s guilt. It is also my 5th amendment right to remain silent on the matter.

If it is the government’s decision to move forward in this matter, I would request copies of any evidence the prosecution may have of my involvement in the “offense”; as well as, all maintenance records for the camera(s) involved.


Nathan Cox
United States Army Veteran

After sending that letter I received this postcard:


MANY months later (much more than 6 months), just the other day I get this postcard showing that the ticket is DISMISSED.

Just the other day (a year later) I get this postcard:

So PLEASE, NEVER EVER opt to pay these Photo Enforced Speeding AND Red Light tickets!

You do NOT have to incriminate yourself OR implicate anyone else. It’s the government’s responsibility to provide evidence that YOU were the person driving, don’t help them in their “investigation”.

ALWAYS go to court and fight your tickets, if there is NO VICTIM… there is NO CRIME!

UPDATE: Since writing this letter, Judges around the country have thrown out these types tickets by way of a dismissal. Many folks have used this letter to contest their tickets. For some it has worked, while others it hasn’t. I would like to encourage people to perhaps cite some of the recent rulings, even though it’s not considered case law, it helps drive the point home.

I also encourage people when writing their letter to use a similar tactic that these bureaucrat thugs use, (intimidation) and let them know you plan on fighting this tooth and nail, sometimes they don’t want to deal with it and they’ll just drop it. If you go to court over it, you will use the exact same defense, because it’s a Constitutionally sound defense.

[Ed. note: Again, find out what has worked in your area and do that. If you have any solid information regarding simple acts of civil disobedience, email it to We’d be glad to feature it here in our virtual pages.]


Virginia Cop Block Team

Chris Campbell

Written By Chris Campbell

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