Copper, Salt, Corona, King

--Last week, my girlfriend stopped talking to me.

She didn’t mind the extra stock of essentials coming in over the past two months.


The novel coronavirus was still in China, but could get nasty.

The Manuka Honey, Arabanogalactan, and chaga-hunting expeditions seemed (she said) a bit… eccentric.

But not worth an argument.

But the copper.

The copper did it.

Copper all over the house. Copper bullion in all of our pockets. Copper rings. Copper socks. Copper bracelets. Copper mugs. Copper necklaces. Copper bottles.

I was once a silver bug.

Now I’m a copper king.


In the year 2525, this is how they’ll find me.

Why is copper my new favorite metal?

Here’s a hint: Watch this video from an ABC news report recorded last August…

Probably sooner than later, spurred by the virus, it could revolutionize the healthcare industry.

And save a lot of lives… and reduce a whole lot of unnecessary suffering.

Yes, this has to do with one lesser-talked-about way to protect yourself from the corona bug…

And profit from asymmetrical risk with the future of healthcare.

As we’ve been showing you all week…

If you can keep your head when everyone else is losing theirs…

You could stand to make a fortune.

This year, you could see the greatest opportunities — for health, wealth, and personal peace — of your lifetime.

Crises have a way of burning off the deadwood, and showing us what’s really important.

More on all of that in a moment.

“It’s Just the Flu”

Our mantra lately, you might’ve noticed, has been “Don’t panic.”

Preparation defeats panic.

Hopefully, you prepared long before the Great Toilet Paper Rush of 2020.

That doesn’t mean “Don’t worry.”

And it certainly doesn’t mean, “Don’t care!”


Anxiety is a great motivator.

The last thing you want to do is completely blunt your anxiety.

Sometimes anxiety is telling you that you need to do something.

No “hope.”

Decisive action.

1] This isn’t “Just the flu.”

2] it’s possible many things won’t go back to normal.

3] Pandemics don’t respect safe spaces.

4] Necessity, it has been said, is the mother of invention.

Viruses aren’t smart… they’re just fast.

Humans can outsmart viruses through behavioral change and innovation.

We must flatten the curve.

We have to adapt to ways of behaving that can STOP the virus in its tracks (extra hygienic habits, immune-boosting shields (arabinogalactan, C, D, A, olive leaf oil, etc.) exercise (but not in gyms!), alkalizing breathwork (seriously, Wim Hof Method, ftw!), lowering stress (nature, calming activities), social-distancing, no clubbing, concerts, or large gatherings… copper, and salt).

If this virus continues to spread (i.e., doesn’t burn out), social distancing will be absolutely essential.

It’s not all up to the president, the nurses, the doctors, the CDC, the scientists, the billionaires, the nerds…

It’s up to us to be the firebreaks.


Most importantly, we have to slow it down enough so it doesn’t overload the healthcare system… and so the immunocompromised and our elders stay safe.

We have to lower and delay the epidemic peak.


If this thing goes super-saiyan, we’ll have to assume everyone is infected at all times.

So here’s one example of an asymmetric risk…

To both potentially protect yourself and pad your retirement…

Plumber’s Gold!

We’ve spilled more than a few droplets of virtual ink on asymmetric risk.

Today, we’ll share with you one asymmetric bet that could plant the seed for a windfall.

Yes, it’s copper.

It’s no secret that hospitals and doctors’ offices are germ-filled petri-dishes. 

Last year, a University of Michigan study found antibiotic-resistant superbugs on the nostrils and hands of 148 patients in TWO Michigan hospitals.

They also found potentially deadly bacteria on one-third of the objects commonly used by patients.

More than half of all confirmed US cases of the antibiotic-resistant, deadly fungus Candida auris were reported in New York and New Jersey hospitals.

If you watched the video I shared earlier, you know where I’m going with this…

Copper has the potential to revolutionize the healthcare industry.

Copper kills superbugs, norovirus, influenza, and more.

This article on The Conversation is definitely worth a read.


The Santiago General Hospital is already ahead of the curve.

Check this video out.

“Look at these shining bed rails,” the narrator said. “The sink has also been replaced. Even the stethoscope has a strange metallic color.”


It’s copper.

Our ancient ancestors knew copper held antimicrobial properties (even if they didn’t know how).

They used it everywhere. They drank out of copper cups.


Drink like an Egyptian… in moderation

We don’t normally turn to Wikipedia for sources, but this page on copper has an impressive amount of information if you want to dig in.

Here are some highlights:

  • Copper alloy has been shown to destroy E. coli, MRSA, influenza A, adenovirus, and fungi.
  • Poliovirus is inactivated within 10 minutes of exposure to copper with ascorbic acid (vitamin C).
  • Candida utilis is completely inhibited with low concentrations of copper.
  • The 3-dimensional structure of proteins can be altered by copper, so that the proteins can no longer perform their normal functions. The result is inactivation of bacteria or viruses[11]
  • Copper complexes form radicals that inactivate viruses.[12][13]
  • Copper damages the respiratory chain in Escherichia colicells (E. coli).[18] and is associated with impaired cellular metabolism.[19]
  • In inactivation experiments on the flu strain, H1N1, which is nearly identical to the H5N1 avian strain and the 2009 H1N1 (swine flu) strain, researchers hypothesized that copper’s antimicrobial action probably attacks the overall structure of the virus and therefore has a broad-spectrum effect.[21]

Change is Coming

Though we marvel over germ theory, our society is not as hygienic as we think.

People love clean societies. Go to Japan (not now, but later) and see how nice and clean it is.

Cleanliness FEELS good.

We’re still pretty gross (check out our cities in the U.S.)… and very susceptible to pandemics.

This virus, I suspect, will be the ultimate “awareness raiser”… and bring copper into the limelight.

There’s already evidence that copper (and regular table salt) infused masks work to kill flu strains on contact.

(There’s evidence to suggest simply coating a mask in heavy salted water, then allowing it to dry, could work. But don’t take that as gospel. Worth researching, however.)

Copper-infused clothing is like bathing yourself in hand sanitizer all day (but much safer).

Copper oxide textiles have biocidal properties.

This UV-C copper ionizer eliminates the need for chlorine in your swimming pool.

Copper socks keep away odor and fungi.

Copper hand-towels? Why not!

Copper door knobs, rails, elevator buttons, the whole nine yards.

(That’s not even to mention that copper is also a great conductor of electricity.)

What’s important now is to protect yourself.

Here’s one potential way to do it: invest in copper long before it revolutionizes healthcare.

How to Invest and Stay Safe

The easiest way to invest is in bullion.

Plus, you get the added benefit of having a bunch of portable hand sanitizers that never run out.


But don’t stop there.

This, of course, is only one way you can invest against the pandemic to, as Addison Wiggin has called it, “vaccinate your portfolio.”

“For all of written history,” Addison pointed out this week, “gold bullion has provided a bulwark against contagion in the markets.”

You’ll recall that in 2009, gold crashed before it went supernova.

The same, we suspect, is happening here.

Like an archer pulling back on his bow, many assets are going to fling through the roof.

Metals will be among them.

And, here’s the thing…

As a financial publisher, our company gets a lot of offers from metals companies that want us to write about them. 

They always offer massive commissions.

But we know what that means…

Massive mark-ups on your end.

We’ve always said no.

That is, until one company approached us with a different way of doing business. And with the right values and ideals in mind.

(Some executives liked it so much, they bought a stake in it. Skin in the game!)

Hard Assets Alliance is the fastest, safest, and easiest way to buy and store gold nationally and internationally.

Opening an account is easy, secure, and takes less than 10 minutes to get your first ounce.

You can store your gold in the U.S… or out. (Singapore has been a go-to for me, which they provide.)

Or you can take delivery at any time.

The fees are very low.

And everything is BACKED.

As you know, time is of the essence.

Fortunately, they’ve just finished up a coronavirus report…

Click here for everything you need to know.

Stay safe.

Until tomorrow,

Chris Campbell

Chris Campbell
Managing editor, Laissez Faire Today

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Chris Campbell

Written By Chris Campbell

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