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Christopher P. Casey is a managing director at WindRock Wealth Management. Chris has been a frequent speaker before a number of organizations and conferences, including USA Watchdog, GoldMoney, Freedom Fest, and various bar associations. His writings have appeared in a variety of publications and websites including Family Business and the Ludwig von Mises Institute. He is a board member of the Economics Development Council with the University of Illinois. He resides in Elmhurst, Ill.

  • Why the Wealth Effect Doesn't Work

    Why the Wealth Effect Doesn't Work

    Christopher Casey

    by Christopher Casey
    On Mar 24, 2014

    Its acceptance is as widespread as its justification is important, for it provides the rationale for the Federal Reserve’s unprecedented monetary expansion since 2008. While critics may dispute the wealth effect’s magnitude, few have challenged its conceptual soundness. Such is the purpose of this article. The wealth effect is but a mantra without merit.