Abolish Child Protective Services [PART TWO]

Warning: The Content in Today’s Episode is Extremely Graphic. Sometimes, the Truth Isn’t Pretty.

--It sounds a bit nutty when you put it into words. But we’ll take a quick crack at it anyway…

There are a bunch of goons in the U.S. government that get paid (by the public, mind you) to kidnap — at gunpoint, if they must — the public’s children.

Strange but true.

Upon writing, 400,000 kids are being churned through the federal “child welfare” system.

But this isn’t because these kids need it. Most of them did not need intervention at all. From the State or anyone else.

But, by golly, the Child Protective Services (CPS) has a quota to meet!

Point blank: The horrible truth about the CPS is that it’s a catastrophic scam that churns kids through the system like animals on a conveyor belt.

And, it turns out, herding children like cattle to be corralled in and out of foster homes isn’t just a bad idea — it also has pretty monumental consequences.

Former CPS investigator Carlos Morales, who you’ll hear from tomorrow, says this:

Foster kids are seven to eight times more likely to be abused than normal children, and nearly half will end up homeless when they age out of the system at eighteen.

They are three times more likely to be put on psychotropic drugs, and they are seven times more likely to develop an eating disorder. They are more likely to have PTSD than veterans of war, and less likely to recover from that PTSD.

They are more likely to become pregnant as a teenager. They are also twenty percent more likely to be arrested.

And tragically, they are six times more likely to die than if they stayed in an abusive family household. These citations, and many other like them can be found on my website, Legally Kidnapped.

The worst part is that foster kids are dropping like flies and not a dribble of it makes it into the mainstream news.

“CPS,” the Austin American- Statesman reports, “investigates every potential abuse or neglect death report it receives — an average of about 1,000 per year, although the number dropped to 804 in 2013.”

In case you missed it, that’s 1,000 death reports for foster kids per year. That’s nearly three kids per day. And this doesn’t count all the kids who are abused and don’t die.

In a moment, you’re going to hear from the late Bill Bowen.

“Bowen,” the Medical Kidnap blog reports, “was a former firefighter and federal investigator. He was also known for exposing the New York City Fire Department in a book, Radio Silence F.D.N.Y.: The Betrayal of New York’s Bravest, which he co-authored with Battalion Chief John Joyce. The book describes how 125 New York City firefighters and numerous civilians lost their lives on 9/11 due to problems with their two-way radios.

“While he had many irons in the fire, his top priority was finishing Innocence Destroyed as well as helping people initiate class-action lawsuits against Child Protective Services agencies in all fifty states.”

Bill Bonner

Bill Bowen, Innocence Destroyed

Unfortunately, as mentioned yesterday, Bowen died before he could finish Innocence Destroyed. But three shocking segments of the documentary survived his death.

We’ll show them to you at the end of today’s episode.

First, without further ado, here’s Bowen himself to tell us how he first learned about what’s going on behind closed doors — and why he devoted the latter part of his life to exposing the Child Protective Services for what it is:

One of the most evil institutions in America.

Read on…

Stop the Sick Criminals at the CPS

By Bill Bowen


Four years ago, I was approached by a father who was in the process of losing his children through a Termination of Parental Rights case against him, brought by the Department of Human Services in Klamath Falls, OR.

He told me the official, certified transcript of his hearing had been altered to reflect admissions never made and evidence and testimony never given.

I honestly did not believe him, but agreed to look into the matter a little bit.

What I found was like reading a horror story, the worst one I had ever read.

His certified transcript had been changed from the original audio recordings made in the courtroom. Not one of the well over one thousand alterations in that transcript favored the parents. The changes made only favored CPS and those transcripts had been sent to the Court of Appeals in Salem, OR., by the father’s indigent, court-appointed attorney.

I took my findings and a lot of evidence to that attorney who refused to address it with the appeals court. Somehow, when the appeals court found out, they gave that attorney four extra months to get and present that evidence but cautioned the attorney they only wanted to hear about the altered transcripts and no other issues.

That attorney argued everything under the sun, weakly, when he submitted his new brief, EXCEPT for the altered transcripts and the court said they had no choice but to refuse to overturn the lower court.

It turns out the Office of Public Defender Services has a general counsel. His secretary has some relatives that wanted to adopt some blonde haired, blue eyed children and this father’s kids were that and extremely beautiful.

Those three children were given to the family of the secretary. And the judge, Roxanne Osborn by name, allowed them to be adopted before the appeals court ruled.

The state then argued that it was too late and so sorry and that couple lost their three children.

By the way, the crime the father had been charged with was drinking two beers after he had been told he was off probation and it was admitted he was told that.

Then the probation department revoked his probation and called it threat of harm and their three children were given to parents who were not even certified or in line to adopt.

I was outraged, as was the local senator I took this case to and DHS/CPS thumbed their nose at that senator and just continued on.

I decided to investigate what appeared to be a criminal organization to me and that trafficked in the lives of children.

I found workers from inside CPS that would talk to me and I heard the worst stories you could imagine.

I talked to state senators who told me each of them had on average 15 letters complaining about CPS abuses. I learned of the murder of little Adrianna Cram, who was taken from her mother because the mother could not afford the special medicine for her daughter that prevented the little girl’s brain from drying out, which would cause her to become retarded.

I also have hair samples taken from the child’s grave in Mexico where she was tortured and murdered by the people CPS placed her with and those hair samples show that child never received the very medicine CPS took her away from her mom for not being able to afford.

That little innocent girl had bruises, cuts, and burns over most of her body when her body was examined after she was murdered. Not mentioned in my film but discovered during her autopsy was the fact that little four-year-old had callouses on her vagina.

She was four years old. She was tortured daily, she was being slowly starved, she was being sexually abused and was being kicked all over her tiny body by the man who wore pointed toed cowboy boots. Complaints were called back to the United States and repeatedly ignored by the trolls and ghouls that worked at CPS, known as DHS, in Oregon.

She was a US citizen sent by CPS to live and be tortured in a foreign country where it would be difficult for anybody to report the abuse they could see she was being forced to undergo. She was a special needs child, in CPS lingo, meaning she was worth over $6,000 per month to CPS in Oregon in federal funds. CPS Oregon continued drawing that $6,000 plus per month long after that child was dead.

CPS never sent the people they placed that child with in Mexico the $400 per month they promised them for taking the child off their hands. The woman involved in the murder says that was one reason her husband was so mad and he took it out on little Adriana.

Further investigating CPS, I learned about Danieal Kelly, who was 12 years old in Philadelphia, PA.

She had cerebral palsy and she was strapped to the floor on a mattress and left starving there without anyone ever changing her bed clothes or picking up after her. She made the inevitable mess a strapped down person will make and so that little child lived in her own feces.

It was so caked on you can see it in the picture of her one day after she died, in the film, Innocence Destroyed. That child was placed in the care of her unbalanced biological mother who started torturing that little girl the day she received her. She took the curtains off the windows and Danieal laid there in heated room in Philadelphia with no curtains or air conditioning, in the middle of the summer. The mother encouraged other children to go into that room and torture and tease little Danieal.

What you won’t see in the film is that the workers and supervisors with CPS on this case deserved to go to prison because they hadn’t visited her in almost six months while she was being tortured and murdered.

When they learned she had died, the caseworker and the supervisor of CPS there got together and signed and notarized documents that they had visited and inspected Danieal just two weeks before she died and they saw no visible signs of abuse.

Look at the picture of little Danieal again in the second part of the film and see if anybody could have thought that child was okay two weeks before her tiny body gave out and she died?

Also not widely known is the fact that when the police investigated the CPS caseworker they found a box under that worker’s desk full of candy and chip wrappers and underneath those at the bottom were 7 letters from people begging CPS to go out and investigate the fact that little Daniael was being tortured. All of those letters were unopened. While that worker snacked on chips and candy, Danieal Kelly was starving to death and her sheets were becoming interwoven with her skin and muscle.

I learned about five year old Logan Marr an absolutely beautiful little child. Her foster mom used to duct tape her to the bed so she didn’t have to deal with her.

Then one day that foster mom wanted to watch her favorite cooking show so she duct taped little Logan into a high chair in the basement so she wouldn’t have to hear her cry. Logan died from asphyxiation.

Why didn’t CPS investigate or do anything about this horrible foster mother?

What is again not widely known is that the foster mother WAS A CPS CASEWORKER and a rather highly regarded one back in Maine. Just picking up a little extra money taping up kids I guess. No doubt operating in the, “Best interest of the children.”

If you wonder why I am bringing all of this up and making you uncomfortable, the reason is twofold.

It was the same set of circumstances as I have just described above that set me off to do something about what someone was doing to children in my country. I realized that those few seconds of discomfort I experienced was nothing compared what those children had to have undergone, second by second, minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day for months and months.

While it is true I didn’t know about it back then, that didn’t change the fact that had I looked, had I learned what these horrible monsters were doing to children years before maybe I could have done something to stop it.

To me, unawareness was not an excuse I could accept and so, here I sit today writing this, trying to get those who understand what responsibility is to come take some and we can change this.

I decided to dedicate my life to the exposing of one of the worst criminal activities in the history of this country, in my opinion.

This criminal organization specialized in destroying families and children and over a thousand children died due to neglect or are outright murdered every year in this country alone, while in the “protection and control” of CPS.

The most active opponent to all of this was former State Senator Nancy Schaefer, GA, who was murdered. THAT she was murdered is not in question, the only question that remains is who murdered her and the official story is very hard to swallow if any of the facts about her assassination are known.

We are looking at a multi-billion dollar industry, with huge amounts of money going to the various states so they don’t change this corrupt system.

Drug companies make billions of the full priced non generic drugs they sell to CPS and which are forced on these small children whose biggest upset is that they can’t live with their mommies anymore.

First, you take the child away from their parents and when they cry about it you get some unlicensed mental health worker to diagnose that child as being “DEPRESSED.” Gee, ya think? Well, that and the fact that the big man sometimes comes into their room at night and does horrible things to them… Child sexual abuse is a lot more rampant than CPS would ever want anyone to know about.

CPS investigates allegations of sexual abuse of the children in their care and a finding of substantiated claims would result in a successful civil action being brought against them by the parents.

So, virtually every investigation conducted by CPS into the sexual molestation of children comes back as unfounded, thus saving them millions in lawsuits and, after all, to CPS workers it is only the molestation of some dirtbag mother’s child, so who really cares?

Besides if the child is unhappy they can always just put them on a fistful of anti-depressants and they will shut up. Those drugs don’t help them but they sure shut them up.

Well, at least until that child is 18 and a basket case from taking those drugs and then CPS cuts them off because the child has “timed out” and is no longer worth anything to CPS because they don’t receive any more money per month for that child and now the child has no value.

OF course now that messed-up former CPS child will make a lot of mistakes and their children become CPS bait in the future. Remember over half of those in prison today are former foster children.

Wow, what a legacy CPS is creating eh?

What is really needed here is an expanded public awareness of what CPS has degraded into and the sick criminals that run it.

That can be done and to that end I have decided to produce books and films that will bring these horrific crimes and the criminals responsible for them, to light.

That is what I do and I do it 7 days a week, about 12 hours per day.

[Chris’ note: As mentioned yesterday, Bowen died only a few months after Senator Nancy Schaefer, before he could finish his documentary film Innocence Destroyed. But, as promised, see below for the three segments of the film — mostly footage for the film’s trailer — that survived.]


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Chris Campbell

Written By Chris Campbell

Chris Campbell is the Managing editor of Laissez Faire Today. Before joining Agora Financial, he was a researcher and contributor to SilverDoctors.com.