3 Handyman Hacks for the Post-Collapse Economy

Dear Money & Crisis Reader,

Right now we’re staring down the barrel of a nuclear-armed North Korea…

And the time to prepare is running out.

According to higher-ups in the intelligence community, the DPRK will be ready to launch a nuclear strike on the U.S. mainland in only a “handful of months.”

But evidence suggests that they aren’t going to launch a garden-variety nuclear attack.

Experts believe they’ll be using a special type of bomb that will leave buildings and infrastructure untouched…

Yet it will still trigger a complete societal collapse.

This bomb — known as a nuclear EMP (electromagnetic pulse) — will be detonated high above the country.

The actual explosion from the bomb won’t do any damage (since it’s so high up in the atmosphere).

But the device will also release a long-range electromagnetic pulse that will shut down the electric power grid indefinitely… overload all electronics… and end life as we know it.

In an instant, every dime of digitally sorted money will be wiped out.

The computers at the bank will go up in smoke… 401(k)s will be dust… and Wall Street will be just another street…

Folks might hold onto the idea of money for a few months — maybe trading with the cash in their pockets. But it won’t be long before society devolves into an entirely cashless economy.

One based solely on trade and barter.

You’re probably wondering how you can prepare your “finances” for a cashless economy.

The answer is to make yourself invaluable.

If your community values the things you can do, you won’t go hungry.

Now, there are obviously some specialized skills, like medicine or blacksmithing, that will be highly valued in these trying times.

But these can take years to master — and a whole lot of money, to boot.

Don’t worry, though.

There are lots of skills that are not only easy to master, but will also be invaluable in a post-collapse society.

Become the Go-to Guy

Without money to grease the wheels, all production is going to grind to halt.

Homes… furniture… pipes… nothing new will be produced.

Folks will have to maintain the homes and products that were built before the collapse.

This is going to create an unprecedented demand for general handymen who can do a little of anything.

Here are three key handyman skills that will be vital in a world without electricity.

Handyman Hack #1: Finding a Stud

After an EMP, you won’t be able to count on all the modern fancy tools we use today.

There’ll be no electric drills… no ride-on lawnmowers… no stud finders.

You’re going to have to do everything the old-fashioned way.

Finding studs without a stud finder is notoriously tricky. But with these simple tricks, anyone can do it:

  1. In most homes, studs are set 16 inches apart. Start by measuring 16 inches from a corner to find the first stud. The next stud should be 16 inches from that.
  2. Regardless of distance, there will always be a stud adjacent to either side of a door or window frame.
  3. Once you have the general location of a stud, use a thin finishing nail to pinpoint its exact location. Gently hammer a thin row of these nails into the wall until you hit the stud. These can be easily painted over when you’re done.

Handyman Hack #2: Fixing Leaks

If a leak isn’t dealt with quickly, it can cause some serious damage to your home.

Most leaks can be fixed with a trowel and a little caulking to seal out the water.

But it won’t be long before all the caulking made before the collapse runs out.

Luckily you can make your own…

Just combine a little baking soda and basic white glue. Or if you haven’t got those handy, you can stuff the leak with cotton and seal it with melted wax.

Handyman Hack #3: Removing Rust

If you take up the mantle of the community’s handyman, your tools are going to be your livelihood.

You’re going to want to keep them clean and rust-free — even when you can’t get your hands on store-bought rust remover.

You can easily clean the rust off your tools with some salt, a toothbrush and either some lemon juice or white vinegar.

  1. Mix the juice or vinegar with the salt to make a paste.
  2. Let the rusted item soak in the mixture for about 30 seconds.
  3. Brush with the toothbrush and rinse off. Repeat if necessary until rust is gone.

These techniques and others like them will be essential in a post-collapse society.

Right now YouTube is great for handyman tutorials, but that resource won’t be an option when there’s no electricity or internet.

That’s why I keep a comprehensive handyman manual in a waterproof bag — in a fireproof safe — stowed away in my garage.

That way, I’ll have access to this knowledge no matter what.

All the best,

Owen Sullivan

Owen Sullivan
Editor, Money & Crisis

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Written By Owen Sullivan

Owen Sullivan isn’t a millionaire or one of the Wall Street elite. He was just one of the many folks who was hit hard when the housing bubble burst… and decided he was never going to let that happen again. Since then, he’s worked with industry experts to develop strategies and techniques to bulletproof his finances — and yours — against the next crisis. His methods don’t require years of financial experience. These are simple strategies that anyone can follow. After all, financial prepping shouldn’t be reserved for a select few.