15+ Uses for Mason Jars

You know what’s really difficult to find? No, not a needle in a haystack, although that is pretty challenging. What’s very hard to locate is a person who doesn’t like Mason jars. Old and young alike seem to love these classic, old-time-looking jars.

They have tons of uses. Even trendy restaurants use them to serve iced tea and other beverages. Many of the uses for these inexpensive jars translate to survival usages. Below you’ll find a bunch of them. Hopefully, there will be some you’ve never tried.

In no particular order…

Lantern — If you place a small candle in an uncovered Mason jar, you’ll have a nice flame for indoors or outside that should not be negatively affected by a strong breeze. You could also use a jar for a homemade oil lamp.

Bank — Use the jar to keep your valuable coins (not paper money) in, as well as some jewelry you rarely wear or other small but valuable keepsakes. Then bury the jars where you’ll know how to find them easily but the neighbor’s dog won’t.

First-aid Kit — A jar makes for a nice waterproof place to keep small first-aid items, including Band-Aids, gauze, tape, antibacterial ointment, tweezers, etc.

Ammunition — Mason jars are a great place to store your ammo cartridges. Because the jars are clear, you should be able to grab the specific cartridge you want when the time comes to use it. This is another item you can bury if you want to.

Canning — This is one of the most popular uses for Mason jars. You can store just about anything in these see-through jars, including vegetables, fruit and meat. Keep the jars in a cool, dark place.

Dry Foods — Speaking of food, Mason jars are great for keeping dry foods in, including rice, beans, pasta, etc. You could also include a small oxygen absorber pack if you want to keep these items extra dry.

Herb Garden — Mason jars make for nice planters in which to grow your medicinal herbs. Just pour in soil, plant your seeds and watch them grow with the lids off.

Dried Herbs — Once you’ve dried your medicinal plants, you can keep them in a Mason jar for several years if you need to. They should be good for a long time.

Tinder — This is a handy place to keep kindling items that will help you start a fire when you really need one. Items could include easily combustible dryer lint, shredded bark, tiny twigs, small pieces of paper, etc.

Defense — If you absolutely have to, you could break a Mason jar and use a jagged edge for self-defense. Obviously, this should not be the primary weapon in your arsenal, but we all do what we have to do.

Matches — A Mason jar is a convenient place to keep matches. Nothing like a waterproof container for waterproof matches, right? Even regular matches should stay dry in this jar.

Homemade Alcohol — Once you’ve concocted your own special alcoholic brew, keep it in a Mason jar (or maybe several Mason jars) until you’re ready to indulge.

Drinking Glass — Most mess kits contain nonbreakable dishes, cups, etc., but there’s no reason why you can’t drink out of a glass Mason jar once in the while. It’ll be a nice change of pace to actually see what you’re drinking.

Fishing Gear — You never know when you’re going to need to catch a fish for your next meal. You can keep small fishing gear in a Mason jar, including lures and hooks… maybe even a worm or two.

Pencil & Pen Holder — How many times have you found yourself looking for a writing utensil? This is a great place to keep pens, pencils, even chalk.

Sewing Kit — There will be times when you need to sew up a tear in clothing or a tent, or maybe even skin. You can keep your needles and thread in a Mason jar.

Hard Candies — Yeah, there are other places you can keep the hard candies that give you a little energy boost when you’re hot and tired, but they look particularly good in a Mason jar, especially when they are multicolored.

Soap Dispenser — Hands get dirty often, especially when you’re outdoors, and with a Mason jar you always know exactly how much soap remains in the dispenser.

For storing small yet useful items, there’s nothing like a Mason jar. Grab a bunch in different sizes and let your imagination run wild.

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