Three Squares a Day, a Warm Bed, and an Unemployment Check

The Las Vegas Sun reports today that a recent audit reveals that the state’s Employment Security Division sent out $5 million worth of checks to inmates over the past three years.

The state has paid $240,000 to 67 inmates this year according to the audit. It turns out the state is also paying dead people and those who have returned to work.

Cy Ryan writes for the Sun,

The report, presented to the Legislative Audit Committee, estimates “the amount of unemployment benefits that may have been paid to incarcerated individuals to be as much as $5 million over the past three years.” In eight cases, inmates used stolen Social Security information to get checks.

This happens to be money that the state of Nevada borrowed from the federal government. According to Sunshine Review, the state borrowed close to $773 million from the federal government to pay jobless benefits. The interest payments on the loans will come from the state’s general fund.