The Parable of the Mountain

black_mountainThere was a huge mountain that blocked the path down which multitudes wanted to travel. That mountain came to be called the state.

The people gathered at the foot of the mountain called the state and puzzled about what to do.

They decided they should take it over. The best way, they concluded, was to form themselves into an alternative mountain that could readily takes its place. But a struggle ensued over who would be on top, who would be in the middle, and who would be at bottom. They settled this struggle through an election.

No matter how many elections they held, and how many would-be mountains they formed, the mountain called the state would not go away.

Frustrated, they started shouting at it. They wrote articles about its evils. They posted memes about it. They carried signs and marched. Oddly, the mountain paid no attention.

So they started blaming each other. They divided into factions based on precisely what each person believed about the mountain. The arguments became vicious. And the goal of winning out over their fellows consumed their every effort. The mountain called the state paid no attention.

Meanwhile, a small group of wise people began to rethink matters entirely. They divided into four smaller groups. One began to scale the mountain with the goal of going over the top. One group went around the mountain to the right. Another group went around it to the left. A final group decided to dig underneath.

Each pursued this task while the multitudes continued to argue among themselves.

The group that dug underneath found the ground surprisingly soft and their efforts were profitable. When the others arrived from each side and over the top, they found the group that had dug underneath was waiting for them. So they all chipped in and made the tunnel bigger and they invited the multitudes walked through.

Once everyone was safely on the other side, the tunnel collapsed and the mountain fell into it.

The state had fallen and the people rejoiced.