The Lysander Spooner Reader

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Lysander Spooner (1808 – 1887) was one of the great individualists of his era. He practiced law in violation of state law and then successfully petitioned to change the law. When the United States Post Office claimed a monopoly on first-class mail, Spooner opened a competiting agency which forced the post office to lower their rates. Spooner was a great opponent of slavery, but at odds with many abolitionists of his day. He defended reason, natural law, and individual freedom.

Also included is an introduction by George H. Smith, along with an obituary written by Spooners compatriot, Benjamin Tucker (1854 – 1939) that was published in Tucker’s newspaper, Liberty, May 28, 1887. Lysander Spooner was one of the most important, early libertarian thinkers in the individualist tradition. Even after a full century his working is amazing relevant to today. This paperback edition is about 350 pages with an index included.

Author: Lysander Spooner
Publish Date: 2012
ISBN-13: 978-1621290070