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Brad Lemley's Natural Health Solutions

Brad Lemley’s Natural Health Solutions is committed to revealing the truth about your health, and giving you the tools that you’ll need to regain and keep control of it. Brad tackles the biggest threats to your health today, as well as simple, inexpensive, natural ways to achieve and maintain robust well-being. As a lifelong science writer and investigative reporter for some of the nation’s most respected publications, he is never swayed by biased information from Big Food and Big Pharma. He goes directly to the source — the best scientific studies on what actually works. From information on how to identify and avoid GMO foods (and why doing so is crucial)… what kind of diet you truly need to lose weight and maximize performance (it’s quite different from what you’ve been told for decades)… The quickest, most efficient kind of exercise to deliver results… The terrible impact stress can have on our lives, and the best ways to relieve it… and more. He personally stands behind everything that he writes, and lives the life he writes about.

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Laissez Faire Book Club

A strong intellectual foundation in classic laissez-faire ideas is essential for navigating the media and government propaganda that you are assaulted with every day. That’s what The Book Club is for. Each month our editorial board selects two of the most important classic books and publishes them into the Club. As a member, you get them and every other book we’ve ever published — 85 titles and counting -- for FREE.


Laissez Faire Letter

Our goal at the Laissez Faire Letter is simple: We strive to show you how to live a happy, healthy, and wealthy life… using 100%-legal strategies to lower your tax bill, reclaim your online privacy, receive better health care, and save and grow your wealth. Put simply, we’re about three words: Freedom. Self-reliance. Action.

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Laissez Faire Prime

The Laissez Faire Prime membership is the most elite level of our readership. Granting lifetime access to the Laissez Faire Letter, Unconventional Wealth, and Brad Lemley’s Natural Health Solutions, the Prime Membership is the key to taking your health, wealth, and independence back into your own hands.

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Living Well Daily Insider

Living Well Daily Insider is committed to providing readers with trusted, alternative and actionable health tips that they can use every day to live an active, more fulfilling life. Published Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, these emails are jam-packed with health secrets you can use in your own home to improve your quality of life!

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Spy & Survival Briefing

The mission of Spy & Survival Briefing is to provide you with the knowledge and the skills to protect your home and family, no matter what happens, giving you the confidence and ability to take appropriate actions in a crisis or life-threatening situation. It’s written by Jason Hanson, a former CIA officer who uses his skills and expertise to help readers prepare for anything. Each month, he’ll cover effective (even deadly) self-defense tactics… the right ways to secure and fortify your home… simple steps to ensure your privacy online and protect you from hackers… tips for safely traveling abroad… step by step instructions on how to prepare your home for a prolonged crisis… life-saving information on how to survive in the wilderness… and much, much more!

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Unconventional Wealth

Unconventional Wealth is unlike anything you've seen in the financial research industry. It's not a stock picking or trading service. And it's not your typical investment research newsletter. Instead it's a unique, practical, step by step real-time advice on wealth creation. Each month you'll receive a private letter highlighting a unique way to grow your wealth. Instead of focusing on grabbing at fleeting gains, you’ll see how to build multigenerational wealth in your own lifetime. We'll walk you through all the ways wealthy people got to where they are. And it's not by buying and selling stocks all day.

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