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If you are having trouble with your subscription content, placing orders, receiving orders, or anything related to your expereince with Laissez Faire please take a look below for the most frequently asked questions and answers. If you do not see a solution to your problem below, please contact us by filling out our online form or calling customer service at 1-877-453-1177.

Once you login to the website, you will be taken to a home page from which you can access your subscriptions.

Selecting the Laissez Faire Letter will give you access to three tabs- Issues, Alerts and Reports.

All monthly issues of the newsletter are archived under “Issues”.  To access an html version of any particular issue and read it on your screen, please select “Read This Issue”.  You will then be able to easily navigate through the different articles within the issue using the list on the right hand side of your screen, reading “All Articles From This Issue”. Just click on any of the article headings to skip to that section of the issue.

To download a PDF file which will allow you to save the issue to your computer or print it out, please select “download”.

Your weekly Wednesday emails can be found archived on the “Alerts” page. To access special reports such as the Obamacare Antidote, A Man’s Right to Happiness, and the Bitcoin Bible, select “Reports”. Reports offer you the same html and PDF file options as the monthly issues do, which can be accessed either by selecting “Read This Report” or “Download”


Laissez Faire Book Club members can access additional content by selecting Laissez Faire Book Club from their subscriptions list. For Silver Members, tabs will be available to access eBooks and Executive Summaries. Each eBook will have ePub and mobi file options, so that they can be downloaded onto any common eReader. To learn more about how to download your eBooks, please click here. Gold Club members will have two additional tabs, giving them access to Audiobooks and Multimedia eBooks.


Members of both the Laissez Faire Letter and the Book Club are entitled to all new reports published by Laissez Faire! Simply log in and access the Laissez Faire Letter page. Once you are there, you will see three tabs for Issues, Alerts and Reports. Please select “Reports” to view this kind of information.

Passwords can be changed by logging in and selecting “My Account” in the upper right hand corner of the website. From there, you should select “Change My Info” from the drop-down menu. On that page in blue words, you will see an option to “edit your password and account details”. If you would like to change your username, please email our customer service department at


The Laissez Faire Letter is fulfilled through both mail and email. On the first week of each month, you can expect for a new issue to be emailed out. Printed copies of those issues are generally mailed out to subscribers about two weeks later.

Laissez Faire Today is a free, daily e-letter that does not require a paid subscription. All past articles of that newsletter can be found on our homepage, and cover topics such as economics, politics, money, health, and more.

The Laissez Faire Letter is a paid monthly newsletter, focused on providing actionable advice to help subscribers live a healthier, wealthier life outside of the confines of Wall Street and the government. A membership to the newsletter includes monthly issues, as well as access to the Obamacare Antidote and the other reports included in our “What the Government Doesn’t Want you to Know About….” series.


Customers who subscribe to the Laissez Faire Book Club receive two brand new eBooks each month, as well as access to all past eBooks that have been released thus far. They also receive Executive Summaries of each title that we release, so that they can get an idea of what each book is about. Book Club members are entitled to all of the special reports released by Laissez Faire in our “What the Government Doesn’t Want you to Know” series, such as the “Obamacare Antidote” and “Bitcoin Bible”. They also receive each monthly issue of the Laissez Faire Letter and a discount off any purchases in our Book Store.

Membership to the Laissez Faire Letter is designed for subscribers who are interested in the ideas and writings of Laissez Faire, but do not want to receive the eBooks. They receive each month’s issue of the Laissez Faire Letter, as well as access to our “What the Government Doesn’t Want you to Know” reports. There is web access for the archives of the newsletter at, but Laissez Faire Letter subscribers will need to buy a Club membership to access the eBooks.

Please feel free to give Customer Service a call to make any payments over the phone or get the information you need to send a check through the mail.

If you need the expiration date of your subscription, please email Customer Service at

A confirmation page will come up as soon as your order form has been submitted. Within 24 hours an additional confirmation email will be sent to you with electronic access to any special reports promised as well as your username and password to log into the website. If you are an existing member, your new subscription will be added to your account within 24 hours of your order.


Agora Financial is a publishing house that has been focused on providing the best investment research and services available for the past 25 years. You can read about how Agora Financial got its start under “Our Story” (, located in the “About Us” section of the “More” tab of the website.

On March 17, 2011 Agora Financial announced that it had acquired Laissez Faire Books from the International Society for Individual Liberty (ISIL). It is now a subsidiary in the family of Agora Financial. Laissez Faire has a commitment to providing its readers with alternative ways to grow and protect their wealth outside of Wall Street, and as a result differs from other Agora Financial investment publications and is not included in any Agora Financial lifetime memberships.

Agora Financial’s ideas and writings have always been based in libertarian thought and free thinking. Our publisher Addison decided to acquire Laissez Faire Books in because they were known for carrying the titles and ideas that formed the foundation of Agora Financial: speaking out against centralized banking, hard money, decentralized government involvement, etc. Even though LFB is AF’s most recent project, in a way it really forms the foundation of the company, serving to bring our attention back to our cornerstone ideas and reminding our editors why we are dedicated to the ideas of freedom and liberty in the economic world.


Laissez Faire’s Customer Service department is open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday. You can send an email at at any time. Our dedicated Customer Service team will respond as soon as possible. The contact information for Customer Service can be accessed by selecting “More” and then “Help and FAQ’s” from the dropdown menu(

Your subscription includes your monthly mailed and emailed newsletter and your weekly emailed newsletter. You can expect to receive this information on a regular basis. After you order a new subscription, a welcome kit may be included in your purchase to introduce you to the editor and what you can expect. This welcome kit is often sent to you in the mail.

Any new reports that Laissez Faire releases are included in your subscription and can be located on the website after you log in using your username and password. All past issues are archived online as well.


The Laissez Faire Letter releases a new issue the first week of each month. You can also expect to receive a weekly email update each Wednesday, containing information on current events as well as actionable advice on the topics we find most important.

Laissez Faire Book Club members can expect to receive new content every other Thursday. These emails will include an Executive Summary as well as a new eBook to download. The purpose of the Executive Summary is to give readers a better idea of what each title is about, as well as outlining the reasons we chose the book to publish.


Yes, all subscriptions can be placed on automatic renewal with a valid credit card. Auto-renewal rates are typically discounted from normal subscription rates.

Please contact Customer Service to cancel the automatic renewal of your subscription by emailing your request to

You will be notified through mail and email one month before your subscription automatically renews. If no changes are made to your account, your credit card will be charge one month before your current subscription is set to expire so that you won’t miss any buy or sell alerts that could affect your personal portfolio.


The Laissez Faire Letter is designed to educate our readers on the topics we find most important- economics, politics, finance, health, and entrepreneurship. That being said, the newsletter is US based, so advice on how to lower your taxes or save on health care costs might not apply to everyone. However, we firmly believe that the value of our publication lies in what we teach, and that is how to live a healthier wealthier life outside of the confines of government and the stock market. Articles on Bitcoin, increasing your internet privacy, and the dangers of GMO’s in our food all contain information we feel is important to know worldwide. Each monthly issue also has a four-page section dedicated specifically to improving your health, which is a topic that  knows no boundaries.

Based on the publishing schedule, it can be four-six weeks until your first mailed issue is delivered. You can always view the latest issue online, and if you have provided us with an email address, you will receive each issue electronically as well.  Issues of the Laissez Faire Letter are emailed out the first week of every month, and generally reach your mailbox about two weeks later.


A Web browser (or “browser,” for short) is a computer program that allows you to view and navigate websites. A few common browsers are Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome.

The Laissez Faire website is compatible with the latest versions of Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Safari. (The site may be viewed with the WebTV/MSN TV browser, but you will not be able to access PDF reports due to technical limitations of WebTV itself.)


Cache stores temporary files, such as Web pages and other online media, that your browser downloaded from the Internet to speed up the loading of pages and sites you’ve already seen. Clearing your cache and cookies will erase your settings from websites you visit regularly. Some effects of clearing cache are:

  • Websites may load a little slower on the first visit afterward, since images and content have to be reloaded.
  • If you opted to have certain websites remember your login information (username and/or password), this will be cleared from your browser’s memory. You will have to type in the login information and sign in again to access your account on the website(s).

You should have no trouble accessing the site with a Mac computer as long as you are using the default Mac browser (Safari) or Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer for Macintosh.


No. Your privacy is important to us. When you submit your email address to  Laissez Faire and Agora Financial, you can rest assured that we will not share or sell that information with or to any third party. Although we may send you news and/or special offers from our special partners and affiliates, we will send you that information only if you opt to receive it. Again, we will never transfer your personal information to anyone else, and you are always free to opt out of our special mailings at any time.

If you wish to download and print the issues and/or special bonus reports, you will need Adobe software on your device. The newsletter and reports are archived on the site in PDF format for your convenience.

To download Adobe Reader, simply click on this link and follow the instructions from there. Adobe is available for download at no cost.


Please try right-clicking on the link and choosing “Save Target As.” Then, save the file to your desktop and try left-clicking on the new icon on your desktop.

Click here to view written instructions on downloading and viewing eBooks on the device of your choice.


For detailed instructions on downloading and listening to our audiobooks, click here.