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Dear Reader,

Laissez faire is a French term meaning “let them be.” It has, for more than a century, referred to the belief that an individual is best equipped to solve their own problems and create a more prosperous society, while bureaucratic mandates and top-down control tend to make problems worse.

True to that tradition, our goal is to help you learn the laissez faire philosophy from some of the best philosophers, academics, and advocates of liberty who ever lived — and to show you how to apply those ideas with actionable strategies and tips on getting government out of your life.

Laissez Faire Books has a long and storied history that started in 1972 when founders John Muller and Sharon Presley opened a little libertarian bookstore in Greenwich Village. The official opening was attended by many local libertarian writers, including Murray Rothbard, Roy A. Childs, Jr., and Jerome Tuccille.

The store sold libertarian, political philosophy, and anti-authority thought from Murray Rothbard, Ludwig von Mises, Albert Jay Nock, Alexander Berkman, and Peter Kropotkin, as well as anarchists Lysander Spooner and Karl Hess.

As the years passed, Laissez Faire Books changed locations and ownership, but the core independent ideals never wavered.

As the business changed hands and moved around the country to San Francisco, Phoenix, and, finally, its current resting place, Baltimore, so changed the method of selling its ideas…

From a brick-and-mortar bookstore business in the ’70s to an online Web-focused business in the 2000s.

Then on March 17, 2011, Agora Financial LLC, a publisher of books and newsletters on economics and investments, acquired Laissez Faire Books from the International Society for Individual Liberty (ISIL).

Still to this day, the ideals set forth by the founders of the little bookstore in 1972 are defended voraciously.

In August 2013, the Laissez Faire Letter was launched. True to its roots, the monthly newsletter attracts individuals willing to take action to live a more self-reliant and independent life.

This version of the business again changed to meet the needs of its readers, providing actionable solutions to overreaching government and its cozy relationship with big Wall Street banks and other industries.

And today, in late 2014, the Laissez Faire Letter serves more than 60,000 readers each month.

Once again, the business finds an opportunity to spread the ideas that are important to us, as they were to the founders.

By using Amazon’s global reach, Laissez Faire is now able to spread ideas to every corner of the world easily and efficiently.

And using Amazon’s convenient checkout options, our books and products are more easily accessible than ever.

Of course, Laissez Faire Books still allows for direct access to all of the digital and audiobooks we’ve published over the years. By joining the Laissez Faire Book Club, you can get immediate and complete access to our entire highest-quality digital library of over 80 titles.

And each month, we’re creating more titles.

But that’s just the beginning of the benefits of membership. Each new release is accompanied by a 12-Minute Executive Summary. Each summary reveals the key takeaways of each new release so you gain the understanding you need in minutes, allowing you to spend more time living your life.

The 12-Minute Executive Summaries are available only to Laissez Faire Book Club members.

All of the benefits of a book club membership can be found here.


Doug Hill


Director, Laissez Faire Club